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"Kintaro Sakura" is a single cherry tree at Suruga Oyama station yard.
From the town residents cherishing this Sakura tree, it naturally became called the Kintaro Sakura.
At Suruga Oyama station which is the entranceway of this town, this Sakura tree informs people the first visit of spring.

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4.03 years ago

Touristic spot railway station!
Nothing much to say about the station itself but this place is busy in summer and Autumn!
For the railway buffs:
The station initially opened on February 1, 1889, as Oyama Station (小山駅) It was renamed Suruga Station (駿河駅) on July 1, 1912. When the opening of the Tanna Tunnel diverted the route of the Tōkaidō Main Line south on December 1, 1934, Suruga Station became a station on the Gotemba Line. It was renamed Suruga-Oyama Station (the present name) on January 1, 1952. Operational control of the station was transferred to JR Central following privatization of JNR on April 1, 1987.
The station consists of a single island platform serving two tracks. The station building is to the south of the tracks and connected to the platform with overpass. This station is unmanned.

3.04 months ago

I used this station when I went to Fuji Cemetery for a memorial service. I usually go by car, but due to the influence of the Tomei intensive construction, the traffic jam was 20km on the previous day, so there is a possibility that I will not be able to meet the promised time, so I hurriedly used the train. At Suruga-Oyama Station, there is a ticket gate that accepts IC cards. However, this station is under the jurisdiction of JR Central, and if you use it from the direction of Yokohama, you will straddle the Suica area to the TOICA area, and you cannot use the IC ticket gate. Furthermore, since this is an unmanned station, payment cannot be made. It's said that the conductor should pay the bill before getting off the train, but it's a hassle, so it's been a while since I bought the ticket, and then I left. It used to be a manned station, but there is no ticket issuing machine, so it's a gala. I couldn't help returning, so I entered at Suica and settled at the arrival station. There are many unmanned stations on the Gotemba Line, and the conductor will settle the payment, but it seems that the time-consuming train may be delayed for payment. From Suruga-Oyama Station to Fuji Cemetery
, The guide is 25 minutes by bus. In my case, I went and returned on time, but the Gotemba Line has only one line per hour during the day, so it's hard to miss it. There is a Fuji Speedway on the way from Suruga-Oyama Station to Fuji Cemetery, so you may need to be careful when the race is held. The Gotemba Line had an image that there were not so many passengers, but probably because it was a legal affair, it was full of passengers in mountain climbing. I wonder if the bus stop at Suruga-Oyama Station is heading for Myojin Pass, and there were quite a few lines. On the way back, maybe it was a match, but despite the holidays, the students in jerseys were stuffed with sushi. This time, I had an interesting experience in many ways. It's fun to behave differently than usual!

4.05 months ago

I took a bus or taxi from here to enjoy the hike from Myojin Pass. It's an unmanned station, so it's a murderous scene (as is the case with the majority of the Gotemba Line), but it seems that the toilets have been renovated and separated by gender. Some time ago, the inconvenience of not being able to go to the women's toilet without passing by the side where men are doing their jobs has been resolved. I can't use Suica, I need Toica (I use it), I don't come unless I call a taxi, and there are no shops or convenience stores, but the personality of the new uncle and aunt at the station square exchange center is the best.

5.06 months ago

Oyama station became unmanned a while ago, it was the old Tokaido main line 😢, only the platform is long ~ ~ ~ 😄 Two trains stop in front of Yatama, passengers even after time passes Waiting for the train to run, the leisurely Gotemba line, there used to be a lot of swallow's nests around the station building, but one day all of them suddenly broke down, and when I asked the station staff, the passengers complained that it was dirty. That's right, swallow's dung is dirty, it's not a shrine mountain play, but the swallow never comes again 👊
Swallow builds a nest in a private house and asks humans to protect it from predators. Ah, unpleasant humans also live and have cancer, Showa is too far away 😢

1.09 months ago

The town station has been renewed, but it has not opened yet. It's a pity that a great building was created.

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