Homon Kaikan

Sightseeing information about Homon Kaikan in Japan.

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It is built in Homon Park located north from the center of Oyama town.
It was originally built as the house of Wada Toyoji (1861-1924) who was Fuji Boseki President, built at the current Sumida Ward Tokyo.
After death in accordance to will it was transferred to present location and named Homon Kaikan, it is used as welfare for Oyama townsfolk and employees of Fuji Boseki.
At 2004 it was donated to Oyama town, and the following year it was designated as registered tangible cultural property of Japan.
Apart from that within the park there is the Homon Park main entrance, Homon Kaikan Japanese-style house, European-style house, Homon Park European-style house, Homon Park Wadakun Itokuhi, Homon Park fountain spring, and many sights to see.

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広くは無いですが敷地内に休憩スペースがあり ゆっくりと過ごす事が出来ます

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