Yubune Hachiman Shirine Japanese cedar tree Couple

Sightseeing information about Yubune Hachiman Shirine Japanese cedar tree Couple in Japan.

Yubune Hachiman Shirine Japanese cedar tree Couple3.2

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Oyama town designated cultural property at May 1st 1983. First tree is 7.5 m in the base, 5.65 m at height of eye, 35 m in tree height. Second tree is 5.6 m in the base, 4.26 m at height of eye, 30 m tree height, reported age250 years.

Bus: 3 minute walk from "Yubune Kouminkan" bus stop

Airport/Sta.Suruga-Oyama St. (about 2.7km) Google Transit


4.06 months ago

It is a shrine with an atmosphere.
It seems that the thatched roof was completely repaired around 2019.

4.0a year ago

I thought it was a location. It was standing in a mountain valley, a little away from the village. It is close to the entrance of the Shin Tomei Expressway and seems to be watching over the construction. It is a shrine rooted in the area with a nice thatched roof. There is a gap with the image of the ruins of Yubune Castle

5.03 years ago

The hydrangea in the idyllic countryside is quite a landscape.
Oyama Town Yubune Public Hall

3.03 years ago

A shrine in Yubune Ward, Oyama Town. The annual festival is held on April 10th every year.

1.03 years ago

It's a rural shrine

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