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Imperial Theater (aka Teigeki) in the Marunouchi district is Japan's first Western-style theater dating from 1911. The original building was a white-walled, 5-story Renaissance architecture with 1,700 seats and an orchestra box. The theater gained popularity in Tokyo together with Mitsukoshi, Japan's first department store, the phrase "Today is for Teigeki, tomorrow for Mitsukoshi" became a catch line in 1910s.

The current building, erected in 1966 with a capacity of 1,900 seat and 4 stage elevators, is a venue for major commercial plays and musicals, which marked history including "Gone with the Wind", "My Fair Lady" and "Miss Saigon". The theater is operated by Toho, a major film distribution company.

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Hibiya and the surroundings are a pleasant oasis in a sprawling metropolis.

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2017.3.6.堂本光一君主演の「エンドレス ショック」を観劇して感激。何回か訪れているがとても観やすく最高の劇場といってよいでしょう。前列から8番目の中央の席で観るそして光一君中心の宙を舞う姿を目の当たりにして至福の時を過ごしました。来年も再来年もあるので是非足を運びましょう。その内外観を撮りに行きたい。2018.5.4.外観を撮りに来た。

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