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A park graveyard with 230 hectare site surrounded by flowers and greenery at the foot of Mt. Fuji, about 8,000 cherry trees such as Fuji Sakura and Somei-yoshino planted in the cemetery entrance path, this place is chosen as one of the Japan top 100 Sakura sights, it is crowded with 100,000 people when it is in full bloom in the middle of April.
Besides these plants there are seasonal flowers such as Japanese apricot (ume) and azaleas will show its beauty.

By Car: 10 minutes from Suganuma intersection to Sukuba at Japan National Route 246, turn right at the intersection with signboard and 5 minutes along the road
By Bus: 25 minutes from JR Suruga Oyama station and Gotemba station to Bus stop "Fuji cemetery park (Fuji-reien)"

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 7.9km) Google Transit


5.010 months ago

Line of Sakura so stunning, worst to go this place, have a ton of free parking lot

4.03 years ago

Very large cemetery with wonderful looking cherry blossoms during spring. Parking is free of charge.

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5.08 months ago

18歳で免許を取り 親に車を買ってもらい 独りでどこか遠い所にドライブしたく とりあえず東名に乗り西に向かいました、 運転しながら 富士スピードウエーに行くと決まりました、 東名御殿場を降りる前に観覧車が見える、あれが御殿場ファミリーランドだな! 道路標識通りスピードウエーに向かいやっと到着したー しかしかなり綺麗で何か違う?しばらく車を走らせやっと気付く、 霊園だと‼️

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