Fuji International Speedway

Sightseeing information about Fuji International Speedway in Japan.

Fuji International Speedway4.5

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Circuit 4563 meters Japan's biggest racing course runs back to Mt. Fuji.
Open at 1966.
There are Gymkhana Course, Short Course and Drift Course, and you can enjoy various motor sports.
You can also experience seminars and sports driving of various licenses, and in new Toyota Traffic Safety Center "Mobilita", interactive driving schools for traffic safety are conducted for individuals, companies and organizations.
Car racing and other various events are held, and many people visit from home and abroad.

Access by car: 10 minutes from Suganuma intersection to Subashiri at National Route No.246, turn right at the intersection with signboard for 5 minutes

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 5.6km) Google Transit


2.06 months ago

The race course is great, but that’s about it! There is nothing around the premise. Not even a convenient store. If you like to use the tracks / watch a race while camping with family, the Fuji speedway is fantastic. It is amazing to have Mt. Fuji in the background of the race course.

We visited to watch the Super GT race and experienced rather poor weather condition. Unless you have access to the VIP lounge / special seats, it can be quite miserable during poor weather condition. The vending machines also ran out of hot drinks during the race and the lines for food was unbelievably long. Do come prepared with rain gear, warm clothing and food. It also took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot after the race, which was ridiculous. Unless you are really hardcore into racing, Suzuka is so much more pleasant. Only recommend for people who want to use the tracks.

5.02 months ago

Well organized place, plenty of parking space.

5.03 months ago

Very cool to go to and watch on a random day

5.04 months ago

Beautiful track with a stunning view of the Mt. Fuji!

5.03 months ago

As expected Fuji circuit was amazing !!

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