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Road Station Subashiri3.3

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The facility can be accessed from National Road No.138 or East Fujikgoko Subashiri I.C., a very convenient base for touring Mt. Fuji.
At the Fujiyama Shokudo (dining) menus utilizing local produce with the concept of “dining experience of the four seasons by the foot of Mt. Fuji” are provided, and at the stand there are souvenirs that can only be purchased here such as “Fujisan Goriki Udon”.
Free foot bath (ashi-yu) are available, and you can refresh from driving and climbing.
It's the nearest Road Station to Mt. Fuji.

Car: 25 minutes to Yamanashi direction from Gotemba IC to National Road No.138, 3 minutes off Fujigoko Road Subashiri IC
Bus stop: "Michinoeki Subashiri"

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 9.8km) Google Transit


3.06 months ago

There is a free footbath on the second floor where you can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.

5.0a year ago

Great view of Mt.Fuji while you have your meal. Ordering your meal is kind of automated, where you press buttons to select and pay for your meal before you enter. Kitchen then serves it up much like how a McDonald's do. Menu on the wall at entrance is clear and with some supporting English, enables even the most uninitiated to make their choice. Food is not great, but good for a road station such as this, and served quickly and efficiently. Outdoor seating on a good day is lovely with Mt.Fuji in the background.

5.03 months ago

They have great selections of local products.

3.0a year ago

Okay so the fifth station is quite large meaning if you come back down Fuji be certain you have enough time to catch the 5 pm bus and follow the same trail back down. I suggest hiking early it took us three ours to the summit maybe add another hour. It's around 6mile to the nearest town where you can get busses after 5pm. Good luck

5.09 months ago

You can see mount Fuji Inna clear day from here very easily!!!

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