Rosa hirtula

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Rosa hirtula (Sansho-bara)3.0

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Dainty flowers also known as Hakone-bara, Mishima-bara.
In early summer, because spectacular gregariousness can be seen from the Yozukutouge to Mt. Furo, many hikers visit every year.
Since there is a giant tree at Ashigara castle ruins, this is recommended for people who are not confident in leg strength.

Airport/Sta.Suruga-Oyama St. (about 5km) Google Transit


3.03 years ago

It is a pass between Mt. Furo and Mt. Yufune. The handmade explanation feels good, so if you stop by, please read it before resuming the mountain trip. The subjectivity of the person who made it is strong, but it is convincing.

4.02 years ago

There is a temporary toilet by Fuji Hakone Trail. Interesting signposts are worth a look.

5.04 years ago

From the foothills, it is a short walk to Mt. However, after the forest roads of the Oyama side have collapsed, you should not drive. Since the bridge has fallen, it is necessary to negotiate.

3.03 years ago

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