Ikuta Chosuke Monument

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Located at the ruins of Ashigara Castle overlooking Mt. Fuji.
Tanka (Japanese poem of 31 syllables) are engraved of Ikuta Chosuke who was active in the Meiji to Showa era as a poet and novelist.
Although he was born in Shimonoseki he built intimacy by evacuated in Oyama town.

On this monument there is the poem "全貌を 裾野まで見せてあますなし 不二は悠然と 天ささげ立つ(Showing the whole skirts of Mt. Fuji calmly crowning skyfully)".

Access by car: Oyama-cho Town Hall-route 365 days a year with around 25 minutes to Kanagawa

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 200m) Google Transit

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