Mt. Kogakuzan Kounji Temple

Sightseeing information about Mt. Kogakuzan Kounji Temple in Japan.

Mt. Kogakuzan Kounji Temple3.3

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The principal image of “Kounji Temple” is Koyasu Kannon Bosatsu (子安観音菩薩), many people pray for safe childbirth, but it also has blessings for crying at night and short-temperedness.
There are many reports of people gifted with children after praying here, so it is recommended to offer a prayer for people who want children (reservation required).

Reportedly built as consolidation of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, Kobo Daishi tell the mystical in middle of the countries junreki, Kamakura period, takenoshita grandchildren 8 "Minamoto no yoritada (Omori yoritada) will open the thick protection.
0/1536 (1536), by Yangzhou Tian Zong seeding priest converted to Soto, the renamed Nikko cloud Temple hachirozaemon also.

Access by car: about 15 minutes from Oyama Town Hall – Ashigara – Gotenba direction

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この付近で、建武2年(1336年)12月11日に、 足利尊氏勢と新田義貞勢の間で竹之下合戦が行なわれましたが、境内にはその竹之下合戦戦没者の供養塔があります。

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