Daiyuzan Houkyouji Temple

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Buddhist temple of Soto school (Zen Buddhism).
In the old days was named “Jizoin”, later renamed “Zenkoji”, mid-14th century became the current “Houkyouji Temple”.
The current honzon Enmei Jizo also prefectural designated cultural asset is said to be the work of Prince Shotoku, is a Hibutsu (Buddhist statue rarely shown to the public.) open to public once every 60 years (carried out in 1958).
From the people of the town affectionately referred to as “Ojizo-san of Takenoshita”.

Access by car: about 15 minutes from Oyama Town Hall –Ashigara – Gotenba direction

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 300m) Google Transit


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