Daiyuzan Houkyouji Temple

Sightseeing information about Daiyuzan Houkyouji Temple in Japan.

Daiyuzan Houkyouji Temple3.1

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Buddhist temple of Soto school (Zen Buddhism).
In the old days was named “Jizoin”, later renamed “Zenkoji”, mid-14th century became the current “Houkyouji Temple”.
The current honzon Enmei Jizo also prefectural designated cultural asset is said to be the work of Prince Shotoku, is a Hibutsu (Buddhist statue rarely shown to the public.) open to public once every 60 years (carried out in 1958).
From the people of the town affectionately referred to as “Ojizo-san of Takenoshita”.

Access by car: about 15 minutes from Oyama Town Hall –Ashigara – Gotenba direction

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 300m) Google Transit


4.02 months ago

Beautiful gardens and you'll have the place to yourself

4.07 months ago

"Hokyoji" has a mountain number called Daiyuzan, which is also the same as the mountain number of Doryokuson Saijoji Temple in Minamiashigara City, which is located across Mt. Ashigara. It is said that it is associated with the fact that he once worshiped Doryokuson from this temple. Is it part of the Mt. Ashigara faith?
The principal image is Jizo, but Nan and it are derived from Prince Shotoku, and it seems that they originally prospered at the temple of Jizo worship. It seems that it was abandoned due to the war of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, but it still retains the atmosphere of an old temple. In particular, the Sanmon Niomon is a magnificent structure that makes you feel the glory of the past.

5.0a year ago

The autumn leaves are wonderful, and there is also a Zeniarai Benzaiten secretly. You can also walk from Ashigara station.

3.0a year ago

There was a light-up event yesterday and today. This year's autumn leaves weren't very beautiful.

3.02 years ago

Visited in November 2019. When I tried to get out from the direction of Ashigara Station to the Ashigara Pass, the road was closed due to the typhoon. I parked my car and worshiped. The origin of the temple was old and it was related to Saijoji Temple. I couldn't see the temple, but it was a very beautiful and well-kept impression. Maple was very nice. As mentioned above, there are parking lots and toilets, so we recommend that you stop by when you pass nearby.

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