Mt. Izumi Entsuji Temple

Sightseeing information about Mt. Izumi Entsuji Temple in Japan.

Mt. Izumi Entsuji Temple3.4

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Origin of Entsuji Temple is from Oguri Hangan Sukeshiges cherished horse "Onikage (鬼鹿毛)" mourned at this place.
At the Bato Kannon (goddess with a human body and the head of a horse) Temple, 2014 corresponds to the Gokaicho year of public disclosure of the Hibutsu (Buddhist statue rarely shown to the public) once in 60 years.
Kannon-sama is formed by horse, many of the prayers of the horse racing / horse riding world visit.
There are visitors for Traffic safety as well as matchmaking originated from Oguri Hangan and Princess Terute.
At the left side of the main temple there is Tibetan scripture in a cylinder called Maniguruma (摩尼車), told that your prayers will be answered the more you spin it around and around.
At the right side of the main temple, excavated from the former temple grounds, Batouseki (馬頭石) is deeply impressive as well.

Access by car: about 15 minutes from Oyama Town Hall - Ashigara - Gotemba direction

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 1.1km) Google Transit


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