Sightseeing information about Yonaki-ishi in Japan.


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It is next to the Torii of Ohgodaten Shrine located close across Tenjinbashi.
It is said that this stone is effective to cure kids crying, bring Mominuka or offerings, place it at the dent in the middle of the stone and pray.
Many people come to pray for children's health.

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3.02 years ago

It's a very quiet and calming place.
Susuki on the way is also worth seeing.

3.02 years ago

643 Okoda, Oyama-cho, Pingtung-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-1317, Japan
There is a big ginkgo tree beside the shrine and you can see Mt. Fuji over the rice field.

3.05 years ago

It is a shrine that stands at the presumed place of Shimoko Castle, which was ruled by Mr. Gohojo's family

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