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Sightseeing information about Ashigara Hot Spring in Japan.

Ashigara Hot Spring3.2

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A daytrip hot spring facility that is easy access from the metropolitan area because it is located near the Tomei Ashigara bus stop.
This is a simple alkaline spring with 250 liters per minute spiraling, it is effective for muscle pain, coldness constitution from poor circulation, neuralgia, etc.
You can see Mt. Fuji from the bathroom, and viewing Mt. Fuji while bathing is exceptional. There is also an outdoor hot spring, sauna and cold water bath, and you can unwind after bathing at the "Fureai Lounge" and "Ikoi no ma" which has 42 tatami mats.
In the shop, fresh vegetables and special products taken locally are lined up, entertaining tourists.
The building adopts universal design with no step, and the number of visitors are increasing year by year.

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4.0a year ago

It's really cheap! it costs only 500 yen for an adult. Spa is surely good. You can get the great view of Mt.Fuji from the bath outside. there is a small cafeteria running till 9 o'clock in the evening. their dressing room for ladies is ... rather small...though.

5.03 years ago

Onsen offering outdoor bath with a perfect view of Mt. Fuji

5.03 years ago

cheap price & nice view for MT.fuji

2.02 weeks ago

It's more like a bathing facility for locals than a super public bath.
If you use Ashigara SA's smart IC, it's close, so it's perfect for returning to Gotemba.

Since it is an alkaline simple spring, it is a normal hot water, but because it contains chlorine, it smells a little chlorine.

If you can't get diapers, you can't take a bathtub. You need to use a baby bath.

Due to the influence of the corona, the visibility is 1 to 2 m in the bathroom due to ventilation.
We recommend using the open-air bath.

Overall, there are many handwritten notes and posters.
Especially the restaurant is terrible and it is difficult to decipher what kind of menu is available.
Apparently, there is a regular ticket vending machine menu and a special counter order menu,
Even with the same soba, the latter is new soba, but the counter order is
Because there are many posters and there is no cohesive menu
It's hard to understand what you can order.

Menus and notes are handwritten here and there, so you don't have to write notes.
Even if you ask the clerk a question, the answer is a little prickly, saying, "It's exactly what it says."

Perhaps it is because they are asked many times a day, but if so, it would be better to devise a way to write notes and post them.

The new soba is delicious, and the answers and services for questions not mentioned in the notes are decent, so it's regrettable.

1.04 months ago

Admission is restricted by avoiding the Three Cs.

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