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National Museum of Science (Miraikan)4.8

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Also known as Miraikan, this science museum in Odaiba is a high-tech showcase of Japan's cutting-edge technology. The 7-story building houses interactive exhibits in the fields of space technology, life science, robotics, etc., with a variety of hand-on activities catering to children and adults alike. The 3D image theater on the 6th floor features programs exploring the beginning and full expanse of the universe.

Entering the museum, the first thing you notice is a giant 'geo-cosmos' globe in the atrium, representing the Earth with 1 million LED light bulbs to look like a floating, spherical video display. Other popular highlights include the demonstration of the humanoid and baby seal robots, virtual-reality rides to explore into space, and the life-size sections of an space station and a deep-sea submarine.

The museum is so huge that a half day is not enough to see all the exhibits. After this museum, enjoy a dip in Oedo Onsen Monogatari or watch a beautiful sunset near the Rainbow Bridge.

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5.0in the last week

Really fun experience. Great place for both kids and adults. Lots of learning through fun. You'd need 3+ hours to see everything. Also, make sure to check out the robot demonstration.

5.02 months ago

All main exhibits had both English and Japanese descriptions, and the special exhibit had a page of English with a reference number to each item on display.

It was amazing to see all of the different technology. The exhibits were exciting and each one was very different. Seeing Asimo was a highlight of the day, even stayed to watch it twice. Definitely could spend a full day there, especially if you are seeing the extra exhibition.

Would highly recommend to anyone, both young and old.

5.0a month ago

This is a great and very interactive museum. I wouldn't recommend it for very young kids though. Your kids should be at least 5 to enjoy must of the installations. The space ship was particularly cool. I also liked the playground area, make sure you get tickets in time.

5.0in the last week

Very good future technologies exhibit. Most permanent exhibits are interactive, making it perfect for children. The whole museum is english friendly. The adjacent promenades are good photo spot as well

4.02 weeks ago

Very good explaining about earth, internet, robotic. They even have live class about something.

But I think it only benefit kids from age 10-11 and above.

We brought our 7,5,3 years old and a baby. Our older kids find the exhibition not really interesting.

Fortunately there is playground outside for younger kids that made our kids very happy.

It is at third floor. Open every hour for 45 minutes and then rest for 15 minutes to clean up. But it will be back on after that 15 minutes.

There was this activity which our kids need to color a picture- they selected what picture they want to color.

After coloring, they can scan the picture so that the picture will enter the TV screen and become alive.

Fo example my kid colored a robot.

She then scan the robot with the assistance of playground keeper.

Once the robot enter the TV screen, it is moving around! My kids were so excited. When she tap on the robot image that is moving, the robot jumped here and there.

Hence, they did more coloring.

The playground also had big Lego bricks area, baby area for babies who can crawl, some kind of engineering area of which you need to figure out how to put the pipes so that the ball will fall accordingly, and much more.

We didn't really explored other floor as our children quite occupied here.

For parents with babies, you can change baby's diapers at nursing room at the end side of the floor.

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The visitors are immediately fascinated by Geo Cosmos which has been designed by the Museum master, Mr. Mori, who became the first Japanese astronaut. Geo Cosmos is the earth which he observed from the space. Besides, you can enjoy t...

The visitors are immediately fascinated by Geo Cosmos which has been designed by the Museum master, Mr. Mori, who became the first Japanese astronaut. Geo Cosmos is the earth which he observed from the space.

Besides, you can enjoy the humnoid robot performace, and the therapy dog will console your heart. Please experience Japanese cutting-edge technologies

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