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Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine4.2

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This Shinto shrine in the south of Osaka City was founded in the 3rd century. It is considered the headquarters for thousands of Sumiyoshi shrines all over the country that are dedicated to the gods who protect fishermen and sea travelers. In ancient times this shrine stood just by the sea, and today's surrounding areas have been gradually reclaimed for many centuries.

During New Year’s days, Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of the most visited shrines in Japan. The architecture has an originally Japanese style and the god-trees are very fascinating. The precincts are a perfect mix of nature and man-made beauty. It is worth a 10-minute train ride from Namba.

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4.0a month ago

A very peaceful and tucked away shrine. There was barely anyone walking around when we went and it was a nice breather from the otherwise busy city.

Note: Visited prior to Covid, so things may be different.

5.06 months ago

Very big and with many interesting locations. You can also feel a chilling atmosphere in here. The best are some old tradional Japanese wood art that you can find, very interesting. It worths a look.

4.07 months ago

Beautiful shrine with unique bridge. Easy access (very close to the train station). It would be nice if there is a sign or explanation in English. This shrine Getting popular among the tourists. Nothing much around the area.

5.05 months ago

i loved this shrine. many interesting things to see and photograph

4.06 months ago

Beautiful temple.. Must come to shoot some memorial photos on the red bridge .

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