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This Shinto shrine in the south of Osaka City was founded in the 3rd century. It is considered the headquarters for thousands of Sumiyoshi shrines all over the country that are dedicated to the gods who protect fishermen and sea travelers. In ancient times this shrine stood just by the sea, and today's surrounding areas have been gradually reclaimed for many centuries.

During New Year’s days, Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of the most visited shrines in Japan. The architecture has an originally Japanese style and the god-trees are very fascinating. The precincts are a perfect mix of nature and man-made beauty. It is worth a 10-minute train ride from Namba.

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One of the highlights of Osaka is this beautiful, old temple complex with several shrines within it. The old red bridge is the temple’s defining feature and is both beautiful and architecturally unique. The bridge is steep and a bit challenging to climb up and down, so go slowly and watch where you place your feet. The complex itself is quite large and hosts many festivals. There is a beautiful old tree that is actually part of a shrine at the back of the complex. There are two go-shuin available at this temple to mark the visit.

5.0in the last week

Huge shrines that we spent half a day to go through every single one. Great architecture, lovely garden. And peaceful

5.0a week ago

the place has a lot of various shrines and well preserved old buildings , its a center of cultural event, many people wears Kimono... Very nice place

5.0a month ago

Japan has a lot of shrines... You can't visit all of them.... This one is worth to be visited... The bridge at the entrance is one of a kind...

5.03 months ago

Beautiful garden complex. The garden is quite big. I got here by taking tram from one station (forgot the name) and it's beautiful to see the transition from a busy business city to a quite rural area..

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