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Sightseeing information about Spa World in Japan.

Spa World4.4

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Spa World is a massive bathhouse complex with a multitude of pools on different European and Asian themes.

The 4th floor of European themes ranging from Roman, Mediterranean and Greek baths to Finnish saunas, Atlantis and cavernous concepts. The 6th floor of Asia themes houses a series of oriental baths from ancient Persia to Japan and from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. One floor is for women and the other for men, switching every month.

The complex also has a floor with normal pools and water slides, where you need to ware bathing suits. If you want exercise, there is a floor for gym as well.

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5.0in the last week

Great place! With many different types of sauna and baths. If you're used to it, you'll probably like it. It was my friend's first time ever at Spa World, and it wasn't really what she preferred. To each their own, I guess! It's a good place to destress and relax. The day pass is not expensive at all. It's worth the visit!

5.0a month ago

Great overall, a variety of baths and saunas you can hop around to. Each month the men's and women's floors switch between the Asian Zone and European Zone. Personally I think the European Zone is the stronger option of the two (even months) but both are pretty solid. You can basically stay as long as you wish, so you can make a very relaxing day trip by just going here.

5.03 months ago

Best place ever. It has everything you need. You don't have to book in advance for extra massages or treatments.
The daily pass is 1200¥, you have access to all kinds of baths (hot/cold), salted, mineral, herbal waters.

Mud treatment room is included, herbal saunas, salt saunas, open air baths.

You can refresh and shower there.
They provide towels/ toothbrush with toothpaste/ body scrub/shampoo+conditioner + shower gel. You have disposable combs and body lotion and hairdryers.

Only the messages out of the bath context ticket and beauty treatments are paid separately. As well as meals of course in the food court and so on.

You just need to go and enjoy the ride.

3.0a month ago

This place is pretty good, but I'm only giving 3 stars because I was asked to leave for having a tattoo. I know many bathhouses ban tattoos, but I asked on advance and was told a small tattoo would be fine, so to then be asked to leave shortly after arriving was unacceptable. If I was told in advance it would have been fine. I was still allowed to have a massage...

5.02 months ago

This place is an absolute delight. The baths are gorgeous and varied, and I always get massages here. I want to live at Spa World.

I do often see people going here for the first time who don’t know how to navigate it: after you leave your shoes downstairs and make it to the floor you’ve been assigned; you get completely naked in the locker area, grab the small towel, and then walk into the bath area past the spray. Find the area with shower heads first and clean up there, tie up your hair if necessary, and then enjoy the baths. When you leave the bath area, you can use their robes instead of putting your clothes back on to wander the rest of the building. The lockers for shoes and the lockers for clothes both require a 100yen coin to lock, you’ll get the coins back when you leave. So make sure you have a little change!