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Spa World4.4

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Spa World is a massive bathhouse complex with a multitude of pools on different European and Asian themes.

The 4th floor of European themes ranging from Roman, Mediterranean and Greek baths to Finnish saunas, Atlantis and cavernous concepts. The 6th floor of Asia themes houses a series of oriental baths from ancient Persia to Japan and from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. One floor is for women and the other for men, switching every month.

The complex also has a floor with normal pools and water slides, where you need to ware bathing suits. If you want exercise, there is a floor for gym as well.

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5.0a year ago

Worth it! 1200yen per entrance. Dont have to bring anything as everything is complimentary. Bring along swimsuit if u wanna go to the sun deck in Summer.

The Onsen and saunas are awesome. Female and Male are on separated level in the building.

5.03 years ago

Nice hotel and the price is low. Also there are different spa.

4.0a year ago

a nice place, entrance fee is fair-

5.02 years ago

Good experience, only come if you like japanese style onsen. As expected you will be soaking nude. There are many different styles and temperature of onsens. So you try any and all that you like. They have sauna and cool rooms. You can stay overnight here aswell. Definately worth a visit.

5.0a year ago

For 1200 お風呂放題。All you can bathe and sauna. The swimming area was a bit disappointing, it's not an area you can swim in, it's a lasy river.