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Spa World4.4

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Spa World is a massive bathhouse complex with a multitude of pools on different European and Asian themes.

The 4th floor of European themes ranging from Roman, Mediterranean and Greek baths to Finnish saunas, Atlantis and cavernous concepts. The 6th floor of Asia themes houses a series of oriental baths from ancient Persia to Japan and from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. One floor is for women and the other for men, switching every month.

The complex also has a floor with normal pools and water slides, where you need to ware bathing suits. If you want exercise, there is a floor for gym as well.

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5.0a year ago

This is the best onsen place for me. If you visit Osaka, you must visit this place. You pay first and can stay as long as you want. Reasonable price. 1200 yen. Many onsens for you to try. European style or asian style. Depend on the month that you visit. You will need 100 yen for a locker. (You will get it back later) swimsuit is not allowed. You have to be completely naked. Free toiletries. You will get a bracelet that you can use to scan when you want to use massage chair or buy something to drink at vending machine.(you pay later when you return the bracelet at the counter before you leave)

5.02 years ago

An amazing place to relax and experience some unique onsens in Japan. The place got two unique floors, each decorated in a different style, one european and the other asian. They switch the usage of those floors between men and women every month or so. They also have an extra floor, mostly used by only the guests of the hotel, that has many onsens and saunas from all over the world. There's a big pool and water attractions at the top floor as well so make sure you also got a swimsuit with you to be able to enjoy the pools as well!
The staff were very lovely and helpful and made the whole experience even better.

4.0a year ago

Really superb and cheap onsen place for you to unwind for the entire day. You just have to pay an entrance fee; towels, face towels, clothes, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, conditioner and even lotion is included.

They'll provide you with a electronic tag that can be used as temporary payment track. This tag will be used for meals on their restaurant floor (3rd level), massage parlour and even massage chairs.

There's separate levels for men and women so you don't have to worry too much about getting creeped on. It's a public bath so if you're not comfortable with getting nude even around others of the same gender, this is not the place for you.

Interior design is spacious and classy. There are several types of hot tubs with different temperatures and "benefits" and a sauna room as well.

Theres also a lounge area thats perfect for a quick nap after a long comfortable soak.

I would have given this place a five star if not for the very flippant attitudes of their staffs on the ground. ( I specify the ground floor because the lady attending the counter at the 6th floor was fine ) Was just looking for the locker areas since there wasn't any sign visible and the staff just gave me a bad face and pointed me away in the direction.

Surprisingly cold service in such a hot environment.

4.0a year ago

My husband and I enjoyed sitting together in the jacuzzis (there were three) at the top floor. Rental swimsuits are one-piece types. We also watched an idol group perform live and it was fun watching their fans in the pool dancing and singing along. The onsens and saunas also offered various activities. We wanted to try the slide but we had to pay extra. The lounges equipped with recliners and mats are spacious, though.

4.0a year ago

This place is pretty good and reasonable for entry. The major feature that we enjoyed is that there is a co-Ed clothes swimming area on the 8th floor. This is enjoyable for those couples having fun in Japan. Plus the area has fun water slides and rooftop hot tubs. This way you can bounce from onsen to pool to restaurants all within the confines of the building. If you forget your bathing suit you can rent one which is very convenient. Overall an enjoyable experience.