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Spa World4.4

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Spa World is a massive bathhouse complex with a multitude of pools on different European and Asian themes.

The 4th floor of European themes ranging from Roman, Mediterranean and Greek baths to Finnish saunas, Atlantis and cavernous concepts. The 6th floor of Asia themes houses a series of oriental baths from ancient Persia to Japan and from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. One floor is for women and the other for men, switching every month.

The complex also has a floor with normal pools and water slides, where you need to ware bathing suits. If you want exercise, there is a floor for gym as well.

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5.0in the last week

Loved this place! To reiterate comments, enter and turn right to get a day pass from the machine (insert your money before taking the ticket). From there, take your ticket to the entry and a gate keeper will give you further instruction.
Note: right after you pass through the entry way you need to take your shoes and put them in a locker. HOWEVER, if you want to use the gym, then carry your shoes with you to the 6th(?) Floor. Shoes are required there.

4.0a month ago

Great facility with many different rooms and areas. Note to all with tattoos: although all the information I found online stated that this place was tattoo friendly, they asked me to cover my sleeve and chest tattoo for my entire stay, which affected my overall experience as I had to have a towel wrapped around my arm and over my shoulder the whole time which felt a little restricting at times. Apart from this it is a great facility.

5.0a month ago

So glad I found this amazing place !! Went with my mom and we both enjoyed so much we went twice during our five days holiday in Osaka!
ℹ Once you enter the gate, go to the right side you'll see three ticket machines, simply click if the number of adults and children.
ℹ take the tickets and go to the left side where you see the entrance and reception. Simply hand over the tickets to them, they will ask you if it's your first time. If Yes, they will give you brief introduction of the map and facilities. (Gentleman and Ladies are in separate floors)
ℹ take your wrist band, it will be your wallet inside the whole building. Take off your shoes and head to the assigned floor.
ℹ find lockers to store your clothes, bags ... personal belongings. And bring ONLY the wristband with you. You can't wear any clothes when enter the hot Spring/ bath.

4.02 months ago

Beautiful facility, really the only kind and price range of its kind. You can find hot springs and onsens with spas all over Japan but not like this. Very clean, amazing design. Although some could use a retouch. I didn't like the entrance fee was cash only but everything else ( for example massage fee, food etc ,) could be paid with credit or cash. Why not take credit as well for entrance fee ? :/

5.0in the last week

So relaxing. A bit confusing for foreigners, at first, but its simple: enter, head to the right. Grab a ticket from the vending machine (1500 yen for an adult). Head to the entrance (it's moved in the couple times I have been there.. just look for people standing behind a counter and possibly a line). Take your shoes off and put them in any available locker. The locker fee is 100 yen, but you get it back when you leave. Head to your appropriate floor, based on gender. Enter the spa, find another locker. Same deal, 100 yen. Get undressed, grab a small face towel. Find the bathing area and give yourself a rinse, then enjoy the baths. When you're done, wash off, and repeat all the steps in reverse. You check out by depositing your wristband in an automated machine. If you used it to pruchase anything, you'll settle up - otherwise you're scott free. Have fun!