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Izu Shaboten Zoo (Izu Shaboten Dobutsu Koen)3.7

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Izu Shaboten Zoo, located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a botanical and zoological park featuring Shaboten (cactus) and animals. In this Mexican-themed park with an area of 200,000 square meters, there are 1,500 species of cacti and succulent plants from around the world along with 800 animals. There are about 140 species of animals including chimpanzees, capybaras and ring-tailed lemurs, with a few of them such as squirrel monkeys and peacocks walking freely in the park. Main attractions include the "Animal Boat Tours" where you can enjoy a guided tour onboard, watching animals on lake islands and coast of the central pond. In winter time, the "Capybara's Open-air Bath", which is the first bath for capybaras in Japan, is also very popular. The large Cactus Greenhouse consists of five pyramidal ones for the South American, the African, the Malagasy, the Mexican and the forest cacti. There is also a greenhouse called the Cactus Hunting Workshop where you can pick your favorite cactus and make it potted (additional cost required). A number of elaborate life-size replicas of sculptures of ancient American civilizations, such as the Ormeca, the Aztec, the Maya, the Toltec and the Huastec, can be found in the park. These statues, including the ones of Coatlicue (Serpent Skirt) the goddess, Chaac the god of rain and Quetzalcoatl(or Kukulkan) the feathered serpent god, were given by the Mexico City. Restaurants, cafes and a souvenir shop available on site.
Guide map https://izushaboten.com/lang/img/map/map_en.pdf

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4.03 months ago

This place doubles as botanical garden and zoo. The botanical garden has deep knowledge of cacti and the garden houses are built in each region. Owls live in it and I could watch them closer.
The zoo has many kind of small animals. In winter, I could watch capybaras (big mice) soaking in hot springs. That's so cute.
Totally I recommend the place.

2.0a month ago

Many of the animals here are kept in very questionable, unsanitary conditions. Some of the birds were bleeding and scarred, and a whole lot of the cages and glasses looked like they have not been cleaned for a decade - some of the glasses were so dirty that we couldn't even see the animals inside. Many of the animals looked so unhappy.
The best thing about this place was probably the shaboten ice cream. The cactus sanctuary was cool, too (besides all the birds there that were robbed of their freedom by being tied up).
I've been to zoos that treated their animals a whole lot better. Probably will not come back here again.

4.04 months ago

Great place for a weekend outing. Many of the animals are without cages and mingling along with visitors, petting also is allowed, which makes for a great up-close experience. Mt.Omuro is right next to this and that adds to the scenic beauty of the place..there are some discounts with the Mt. Omuro lift tickets as well..
All in all, makes for a good outing place...

5.0a month ago

You can pet kappibara and other animals. Very big and very nice. The restaurants are a bit pricey. There is a boat experience.I went February but I want to go in the summer too.

5.06 months ago

What I like the most about this park is that many animals are mostly free to roam around. Unless the animal might be dangerous, they try not to use fences or only small ones (penguins could totally escape if they wanted with the tiny fences)

You get to go inside their space and feed them. Some are very curious and will come very close !
I think the park made efforts to avoid putting animals in tiny cages with concrete flooring and most animals have nice environment (of course it’s not perfect but it’s way way way better than Ueno Zoo for example) which I appreciate.

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