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Fujiko F Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum)3.6

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This museum, located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa prefecture, is also informally known as the Doraemon Museum, featuring the artworks by Fujiko F. Fujio (aka Hiroshi Fujimoto), one of the two manga artists who shared one pen name "Fujiko Fujio" with Fujiko Fujio A. (aka Motoo Abiko). In February 1999 Fujimoto's wife, Makiko, offered Kawasaki City that 50,000 original manga paintings by Fujimoto, including Doraemon, to be exhibited to the public. The city authorities and the Fujiko Pro Co., Ltd. , after several years working, opened the museum in September 2011, exhibiting his artworks and reproducing his study with his desk, his library, materials and his beloved collection of dinosaur figures. Booking in advance is required.
http://fujiko-museum.com/english/ (partly in Japanese)
Ticket reservation http://fujiko-museum.com/english/#sec-ticket

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5.010 months ago

Having growth loving Doraemon it was very cool to learn more about the author and seeing some unique stuff in this museum.

It is a bit far away so do not go if you are not really into Doraemon.

The shop has some very cool stuff so do check it out.

5.010 months ago

Wonderful place. Perfect for those who love the artworks of Fujiko Fujio Sensei. You can learn about his biography there as well. No camera allowed in the main studio. There are some fun games for children, cute photo spots, cafe, and gift shop. Overall it was superb.
Anyway, the ticket should be reserved in advance. You can buy it at Lawson though.

3.09 months ago

Good museum for fans of the mangaka, big and brand new and well organized but really not for kids. The holographic step by step explanation of how a manga page is created was very interesting and fun, the rest was very serious.

5.06 months ago

I wish, I'm visit Doreamon museum
But But I know I will definitely grow up. And going to mesum and have a lot of fun there......😊😊😊😊😘

5.07 months ago

Just a disclaimer - I visited the museum back in September 2019. Somehow all of my photos were lost and my review disappear, so I figure I'll write another one. I can't guarantee the experience will be the same when you go after you read this review.

First of all, you need to purchase the ticket before you go, since they have allocated spaces at each time slots. I had to use online tutorials and with the help of Google Translate, was able to book a spot and purchased a ticket from a 7-11 nearby, when I was visiting Kawasaki.

Keep in mind the museum is a bit out of the way from the city. Even from Kawasaki station, you need to take a train, then walk for a bit. If you're a big fan of Doraemon, it's definitely worth the time and effort.

The first half of the museum is exhibition, and you're not allowed to take any photos inside. You can get a headphone and a device which you can play in your own language when visiting each exhibits. As someone that grew up with Doraemon, it was definitely a fascinating experience. I feel nostalgic adults will enjoy this best.

The second half is more for activity, and it's tailored more for kids. There are playgrounds and comic books library where kids (and adult with kids heart) can enjoy the activities. There's also a cafe that serves Doraemon themed food and drinks. It's a bit pricey, but you pay for the design.

The cost of admission was 1000 yen when I went, and it was definitely worth the admission. I would definitely recommend this for those that are big fans of Fujiko F Fujio and Doraemon

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Author of Doraemon a dream cartoonistn, Fujio Fujiko • F • natural history Museum of Fujio, value must go and see! 貴 original 畫 display, only short bian images here play wow. Why sell with Doraemon a dream Museum, unexpected places to ...

Author of Doraemon a dream cartoonistn, Fujio Fujiko • F • natural history Museum of Fujio, value must go and see! 貴 original 畫 display, only short bian images here play wow. Why sell with Doraemon a dream Museum, unexpected places to cover up the kind of cartoon, gone with time have 驚 Hi! Park fun can't 窮 Yes. Lived near here, I can make this compile 導 game. Still near Japan residential Park, 岡 Hontaro Art Museum and other attractions.


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