Kanagawa Brewery of Asahi Breweries

Sightseeing information about Kanagawa Brewery of Asahi Breweries in Japan.

Kanagawa Brewery of Asahi Breweries

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Kanagawa brewery of Asahi Breweries is located Ashigara city, surrounded by abundant water and rich greenery. Enjoy Premium Super-Dry that ships directly from the factory and grilled local beef, Ashigara-beef and Soshu-beef.
Address: 1223, Nuda, Minami-ashigara city, Kanagawa pref.

Lunch Menu (11:30 - 15:00)
Grilled Ashigara Beef set
Ashigara Hamburg Steak set
Soshu Beef Stew set

20 min drive from Shin-Matsuda Station
10 min drive from Daiyuzan Station

Hours: 11:30 - 21:00, 11:30 - 20:00(Dec,Jan,Feb)
*last entry is 1 hour earlier than closing time.

Airport/Sta.Yaga St. (about 6.2km) Google Transit


5.02 years ago

Great place to visit... I really enjoyed their dark version of extra dry absolutely delicious. After the tasting we stayed and had a meal in the restaurant and the food was excellent...

5.0a year ago

Such a fun day out here! Would 100% recommend.

5.02 years ago

The brewery tour is free. Three cups for tasting, including a stout.
Can accomodate big group. Pls make booking by calling.
Nice environment.
The restaurant BBQ does not operate past lunch time. Plan your tour before or after lunch BBQ.

5.02 years ago

Beer lover have to visit.

4.03 months ago

It's in a quiet place so you can relax
The yakiniku that can be made on the premises was also very attractive.
It shouldn't be the time now, but I want to go again when it's settled.

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