Ashigara Onsen Only-You

Sightseeing information about Ashigara Onsen Only-You in Japan.

Ashigara Onsen Only-You

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"Only-You" is the hot spring spa(Onsen) in Minami-ashigara city in Kanagawa prefecture. It is an alkaline spring with a PH level of 9.5 that helps create beautiful skin, and the hot spring facility is surrounded by beautiful nature.
You can spend a relaxing time in this comfortable Japanese-style facility.

Address: 1520-1 Hiromachi, Minami-ashigara city, Kanagawa
a 15-min drive from the Oimatsuda IC (Tomei Expressway)
a 15-min drive from Kaisei Station of Odakyu line
a 7-min drive from Daiyuzan Station of Izuhakone Railway

Hours: 10:00 - 21:30 (The final admission until 20:00)

Airport/Sta.Yaga St. (about 7.4km) Google Transit


4.011 months ago

Nice hot spring spa. Great outdoor baths in the woods. Nice cafe and restaurant. Nice rooms if you're staying the night, with a small garden and private outdoor tub.

5.07 months ago

This hot springs are old Japanese style,it's call “Toji Furo”.There are 4types Furo.
The temperatures are as low as 38 ° C to 41 ° C respectively.So you can have a deep /1940yen,child/972yen.
But infants with diapers are not allowed in the hot tubs and children over the age of 10 are overwhelmed by people of the opposite sex.

5.0a year ago

One of the most beautiful forests and natural looking rotemburo I’ve seen!!!

5.0a year ago

Hot spring within 1,5hours train ride, to odawara area.

4.02 years ago

less crowded so you can get relaxation.

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