Tourist Farm "Hana Hiroba"

Sightseeing information about Tourist Farm "Hana Hiroba" in Japan.

Tourist Farm "Hana Hiroba"3.5

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You can enjoy the view of the layered gently-sloping hills, look like Furano or Biei in Hokkaido.
Hana Hiroba is a tourist farm with various types of flowers such as rape-flower, poppy, portulaca, and sunflower.
You can pick some seasonal flowers with admission fee.

The most popular events are picking rape-flowers in spring and sunflowers in summer.
And its landscape of yellow carpet with 140,000 sunflowers is spectacular and breathtaking.

Address: 48 Takamidai, Toyooka, Minamichita, Chita County, Aichi
Best Season: late-June to early-December
Admission Fee: 650 yen / adult, 300 yen / elementary student, Free/child
Free Parking Lot : 100 lots available

[By Car] approx. 5min southwards from Toyooka I.C. of the Minamichita Toll Road.
[By Train] take the Umikko Bus for Morosaki Port from Kowa Station, and get off "Tai Matsuri Hiroba/Hana Hiroba-mae" and walk southwards 20min.

Umikko Bus

Hana Hiroba official website

Airport/Sta.Kōwa Sta. (about 6.5km) Google Transit


5.0a month ago

I've been living in Iepang for more than 1 year, this is the first time I've had the opportunity to go to a large sunflower garden. and very affordable for me. the entrance fee is very cheap besides that we are free to pick 2 sunflower stalks to take home. very happy isn't it. other than that the employees are very friendly, as a foreign citizen I am very lucky, to meet friendly Japanese people

5.03 weeks ago

Such an awfully awesome place, just that we need to come here early of the August for better choices of sunflowers as souvenir. Anyways, enjoyed the trip. We had fun there! 😉🌻

5.0a year ago


3.02 years ago

This place has the potential to be very nice. There are fields of what are supposed to be flowers, but which were mainly just fields. To be fair, I visited not long after a series of typhoons so that might have been responsible for the lack of flowers. There were some sunflowers and cosmos. I will go again later and give another review if things have changed. There is a restaurant and a clean toilet.

3.0a year ago

As mentioned in the name, this is a farm. Do not expect a structure similar to a flower park. Anyway, the landscape becomes beautiful when the flowers bloom.
Usually there is an entrance fee that gives you the right to pick a certain amount of flowers.