Utsumi Mikan Picking Suzugatani Center

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Utsumi Mikan Picking Suzugatani Center3.4

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Minamichita in Aichi Prefecture is the temperate town popular for growing fruit.
There are two farms where you can experience mikan-orange picking in Minamichita Town ; one of them is Utsumi Mikan Picking Suzugatani Center. You can also enjoy BBQ besides mikan-picking, and a set plan of BBQ and mikan-picking is very popular.
The mikan-picking event for adult comes with a souvenir.

Address: 70-18 Okusuzugatani, Utsumi, Minamichita Town, Chita County, Aichi
Tel: 0569-62-1497
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Dates: early-October to the end of November

Admission Fee
- 1100 yen for adult, 900 yen for adults group (25 adults and more), 2000 yen for adult for admission and BBQ
- 650 yen for kid, 500 yen for kids group(25 kids and more), 1500 yen for kid for admission and BBQ
- 450 yen for child 300 yen for child's group

[By Train] about 5 mins by taxi from Utsumi Station
[By Car] about 1 min from Minamichita IC

Free Parking Lot : 60 lots available

Airport/Sta.Kōwa Sta. (about 2.6km) Google Transit


4.0a week ago

It was a farm with a nostalgic atmosphere.

The staff is very kind.

The toilet was temporary.

As of October 14, 2020, more than half were still blue tangerines. But I'm glad that I was able to relax very much.

I got a bag of tangerines as a souvenir.

Payment was cash only.

4.03 weeks ago

We do it every year, but the shop staff are also kind to us. It's a little old and the toilet is simple but clean. I think the oranges are also sweet. Souvenirs are included for junior high school students and above.

3.02 weeks ago

The Silver Human Resources Center will guide you. The taste of mandarin oranges is decent, but it's hard to find a place that smells because the ranch is closer than usual.

5.0a year ago

The uncles are kind and nice.
I went with two adults and two premature babies, so I paid for two adults. Thank you.
I will go again when I have all the souvenirs.

4.0a year ago

The farm is very nice and very kind!
The mandarin orange is delicious and can be enjoyed with children (^^) d
There is no inconvenience even for women because the toilet is relatively beautiful.
Adults come with a tangerine souvenir (one small size tangerine bag).
Taken mandarin oranges are not allowed to be taken home, but there are souvenirs so you don't mind at all!

But ... surely a cow? fertilizer? The smell of swells in the wind.
If you don't care, there's no problem at all, but if you don't, you probably don't.

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