Minamichita Cosmos Highway

Sightseeing information about Minamichita Cosmos Highway in Japan.

Minamichita Cosmos Highway4.0

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See over 2 million Cosmos flowers in full bloom every mid October along a 500m stretch of the Prefectural Route 280 highway in Minami Chita’s Toyooka. The large white, pink and red cosmos are an absolute sensation!
Between middle-October and late-October is at their best.

Address: Komagaeri Toyooka, Minamichita Town, Aichi
Access: take the Umikko Bus for Morosaki Port from Kowa Station, and get off "Tai Matsuri Hiroba/Hana Hiroba-mae".

Minamichita Tourist Office
Tel. 0569-62-3100

Airport/Sta.Kōwa Sta. (about 6.1km) Google Transit


5.011 months ago

There was also a parking lot, and I was able to walk slowly along the Cosmos Highway.
It blooms brightly in red, white and pink.
It's in full bloom.
I haven't seen much orange cosmos and it was very beautiful.
After the rain, my shoes are full of mud, lol

3.011 months ago

Tall cosmos and short cosmos were in full bloom in the fields or rice fields. There are no events. There is a place to stop the car so you can enjoy it slowly.

5.011 months ago

The number of cosmos has decreased a little from last year, but it is blooming really beautifully. Now is the best time.

4.011 months ago

You can enjoy the cityscape full of cosmos, and there is also a free parking lot so you can relax.

5.011 months ago

I went out with dogs every year. This year, I decided to go out to look for memories with a picture of the dog.
It's a very beautiful and nice place.

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