Lover's Swing in Himaka Island

Sightseeing information about Lover's Swing in Himaka Island in Japan.

Lover's Swing in Himaka Island3.4

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From the hill on Sunrise Beach right next to East Port on Himaka Island, you can get to one of Himakajima's popular photo spots: Heidi's Swing(Lover's Swing).

Himaka Island Tourist Office

Airport/Sta.Kōwa Sta. (about 12.1km) Google Transit


4.05 months ago

Instagram place

5.02 years ago

The magic is not in the swing, but in the island around it. The swing is only one small part of Himakajima Island.

Highly recommend walking around the island and enjoying the views! (wear sunscreen, it feels cold because of the ocean breeze, but it is very hot! Get some shaved ice from the little store!

4.02 years ago

Good view of the sea from up here. A swing is there. You can use it.

5.011 months ago

Clam and quiet place

5.03 years ago

Beautiful sea view

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