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Suichu Rakuen Aquarium (Toki no Sumika Museum)3.6

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The Suichu-rakuen (aquatic paradise) Aquarium, which is Japan's largest goldfish-dedicated aquarium, is situated in the Toki no Sumika Museum on the premises of a large-scale leisure resort with many facilities, the Gotemba Kogen Toki no Sumika, in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture. You can appreciate about 4,500 goldfish of about 200 species gathered from all over Japan, including valuable Jumbo Oranda Shishigashira (lionhead) , Tosakin (curly funtail), Jikin (butterfly tail) and Izumo Nankin (egg fish). They are displayed in a fantastic space colored with lights, swimming elegantly in a wide variety of tanks such as ones with Japanese motifs and light effects, ones with aquatic plants as the landscape and ones imitating huge Japanese lacquerware. You can also experience coloring a pottery goldfish or drawing a fish that swim in the virtual fish tank on a display.
In the museum, there is also an exhibition corner of sculpture works by Hideaki Maejima, all of which are made of camphor trees that were 300 to 400 years old and were fallen by wind. His representative works, such as of children, animals, demons or Buddha, would make you smile and relaxed when you see them or touch them.

Address: Toki no Sumika Museum, 719 Koyama, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (varies depending on the season)
Admission fee: Adults (junior high school students and older) 1,000 yen, Elementary school students 300 yen
* Guests staying at Toki no Sumika Hotel will receive a half-price ticket
Arrive by train:
・25 minutes by free shuttle bus from the Otomeguchi exit of JR Gotemba Station
・45 minutes by free shuttle bus from the north exit of JR Mishima Station
Arrive by car:
・25 minutes from Gotemba IC on the Tomei Expressway
・15 minutes from Susono IC on the Tomei Expressway

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4.04 years ago

Nice place !

5.04 weeks ago

Admission fee is 1000 yen at an aquarium with only goldfish! ?? I thought, but I am very satisfied. I enjoyed it so much that I forgot the time. The staff feels good too. Recommended for couples' dates.

3.0a month ago

I was surprised at many goldfish varieties!
It was vacant on Sunday morning and I was able to relax!

5.04 months ago

An aquarium with only goldfish? When I entered it, it was quite spectacular. In the second half, there is a space where the aquarium, the rest space and the bookstore are integrated, so you can relax very much. When I noticed, I stayed for 2 hours. I think that it is suitable for a couple to date slowly.

5.03 months ago

Beautiful (* ・ ω ・) beautiful
The admission fee is 1000 yen per adult, which is a little hesitant, but I felt it was worth it (・ ω ・) Jururi
This museum from the outside Illuminations Street is really handsome (・ ω ・)

We have maintained a large amount of water tanks so far to maintain the water quality (゚ Д ゚)
There is no doubt that Mr. Tama, who has experience with aquariums, says so (`・ ω ・ ´) Jururi
The photo looks good, and it's great for couples and children (・ ω ・)

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