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The fish market moved to Toyosu and opened its doors on October 11, 2018.
Currently, Tsukiji’s Outer Market remains a bustling and thriving area of approximately 500 shops.
The Outer Market still offers a colorful variety of fresh fish, dried seaweed, fruit, vegetables, kitchen utensils and tons of other stuff. In addition, you can enjoy grabbing a snack such as hot tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omelets) on sticks or steamed pork dumpling.
The best time to visit the Tsukiji Outer Market is early in the morning, before the crowds arrive and just when they start serving the delicious sushi and fresh seafood breakfasts of the day. Several restaurants and shops open from around 6:30 a.m. and then close by mid-afternoon(around 3 p.m.).

Access: a 7-min walk from Tsukiji Sta.

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5.05 months ago

Great place to stroll through to see large fish and fresh food being prepared. Tried a heap of small samples of food which were really different and tasty, such as a small snack of dried smoked squid, and sampled some tea. Great place to try some different tastes. Also purchase a large fish knife and cooking utensils. Great place to spend the morning, just note that the market closes at 2:00.

5.06 months ago

Outstanding piece of Japanese culture. Crowed but enjoyable. Food was delicious. We saw it all over about 2 hours. Saw lots of different fresh seafood than we have at home. Great place to visit.

5.05 months ago

A bustling and lively market with some of the best looking produce I've seen! I'd recommend keeping a close eye on valuables and children, just because of the volume of people in this one space.
Very convenient to the Tsukiji rail station and it's also right next to a Buddhist temple, which makes for a good cultural spot.

5.06 months ago

When in Tokyo- a must do experience, morning-noon-or night....we went three times, and peeked into the many "in the market places" and some adjoining the area....looking in every corner, and during varied times of the day- and got a great feel and some very nice people/service. Took my son, and we tasted everything we could find....pink strawberries, many fish/fish dishes, cookies/baked goods....and the sights and people watching.

Wonder down every alley and basement, around all corners to find magic and special experiences.

4.05 months ago

The Tsukiji Outer Market was a happening, very busy place. It was in-line with what anticipated for the views of the fresh catches of the day. The crowds were something else to deal with during our visit, but it was all part of the great experience. I recommend coming here as early as possible to avoid the crowds (maybe 7am?)

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