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Jogashima Island, with a superb view with bizarre rock formations, is located at the southern end of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa Prefecture, across the sea on the other side of the Misaki Port. This long, narrow diamond-shaped island, with an east-west width of about 1.8 km, a north-south width of about 0.6 km, an circumference length of about 4 km, and an area of 0.99 square meters, is the largest natural island in Kanagawa Prefecture. There is a cape on each direction, i.e., Cape Awa-ga-saki (east), Cape Akabane-zaki (south), Cape Nagatoro-zaki (west) and Cape Asobi-ga-saki (north). The Jogashima Lighthouse is built in Nagatoro-zaki, and the Awasaki Lighthouse is located in Awa-ga-saki, which is also the southernmost part of Kanagawa Prefecture.
Right after crossing the Jogashima-ohashi Bridge from the mainland, you can find the Jogashima Park which occupies the eastern half of the island. After walking through the pine forest in the park you will see a unique grassland landscape, which has been made by strong winds from the Pacific Ocean along with scorching sun. Only few plants can grow high here and even black pine trees grow tilting inward to avoid the strong winds. If you go down from the park to the reefy area around the lighthouse in the east, there is a nice spot for fishing and playing at rocky shores. On the west side of the park facing the open sea, there are sea cliffs which have been created by the rough seas, and you can watch seabirds including Japanese cormorants, pelagic cormorants and Eastern reef herons at their colony which is designated as a Prefectural Natural Monument.
On the reefy area on the south of the island, there is the Umanose Domon (Horse Back Cave Gate or Horse Arch), a rock with a strange shaped hole of 8-meter high and 6-meter wide, which has been created by rough waves, strong winds and rain. Around the rock is also the popular stargazing spot from where you can see the Milky Way, even with the naked eye on a clear night/evening.
On the west side of the island, there again is a reefy area for fishing and playing, along with the main streets with restaurants, souvenir shops and accommodations.
Back on the north side of the island at the foot of the bridge, there is a beachside barbecue area where you can enjoy a fresh seafood barbecue empty-handed by pre-booking rental equipment and food materials (equipment and foods can be brought in, in which case reservation is not required).
To get to the island, you can cross the Jogashima Bridge by car, bus or bicycle, or take a ferryboat from the Misaki Port.
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5.0a year ago

You can easily spend one day here!

4.07 months ago

★ Check out the Pix4Japan YouTube channel for the vlog made for this photo shoot!
Photo 1. Power of the Ocean
Rougher waters of Tokyo Bay make for some powerful waves as they hit the shore of Jogashima Island at the tip of the Miura Peninsula located about 75 km due south of Tokyo.
Photo 2. Offshore Winds
As the tide thrusts waves towards shore, an offshore wind blows against the crests of waves in a head-to-head battle of natural forces.
Photo 3. Bathe in Golden Light
As cold, dark, winter blue ocean waves crash against the rocks, the rising sun bathes the harsh coldness with soft, warm, golden sunshine.
Photo 4. Explosion of Water
The collision of waves is so enthralling that it’s easy to lose track of time and find yourself stuck out on the outcrop as the tide rises and cuts off all passages to dry land.
Photo 5. Ocean Spray
Offshore winds shred the crests of waves pounding the rocky coastline as the morning light catches droplets of ocean spray midair creating a dazzling mist of glistening beads of light.
Access details in the video description. Search Pix4Japan "Jogashima" in YouTube for details.

5.0a year ago

Beautiful cliffs, nice walking, good observation decks and views.

5.07 months ago

Good place and park!!

5.03 years ago

It was a nice park, super clean and amazing view .

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