Hanasaku Satoyama in Daiyu-cho

Sightseeing information about Hanasaku Satoyama in Daiyu-cho in Japan.

Hanasaku Satoyama in Daiyu-cho (Agritourism)

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Daiyu-cho ia a rulal town located at the foot of the Daiyuzan Saijoji mountain-top temple in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Its Hanasaku Satoyama area (an undeveloped woodland area near a village with flowers and blossoms) remains unchangend more than six centuries and you can try agricultural experinces there in the traditional Japanese village.
You can cook your harvested vegetables on request.

Travel by train/bus:
5 min by bus from Daiyuzan Station
Travel by car 20 min from Oi Matsuda IC

Purposeexperience,nature,Seasonal Flowers
Airport/Sta.Daiyuuzan Sta. (about 1.8km) Google Transit


4.02 weeks ago

You will be healed by the peaceful scenery.

3.05 months ago

You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and chrysanthemums in autumn.
It is a peaceful and wonderful satoyama.

4.0a year ago

Turn right at Niomon on the way to Saijo-ji Temple, then turn left immediately and run a little. Here, “Hanasaku Satoyama” is “Zaru Chrysanthemum” in autumn, but in spring, it is called “Daio Kozakura”. There are quite a few, and when you enter Satoyama, the cherry blossoms pink! The flower is a small flower and a deep pink color. This year there is no liveliness due to global circumstances, but the flowers were gorgeously colored around the area. There is also free parking.

3.0a month ago

You can relax.

5.02 years ago

It is in the place where it took aside the way to Ozuyama Sonjoji temple. You can see the idyllic Satoyama landscape as the name suggests. It is a pink flower in the photograph, but it seems to be a cherry tree that exists only in "Ozuyama Red Sakura" here. It is a nice place to relax with your lunch. Next time I want to go to the period of weeping cherry blossoms.
I went to see the weeping cherry blossoms as last month. An unexpected flowering bloomed earlier and full bloom had passed, but flower peach etc was the best time to see. There was a bamboo forest on the side of the mountain, I forced you to bury the bamboo shoots. In addition, I happened to be an alumni association of a land owner who was in elementary school and had a delicious miso soup with wild boar. Thank you for everything. By the way, we bleed the bamboo shoot overnight and got delicious the next day. It was a moment when I got in touch with a friendly personality.
I visited three times. It was the season of the monkey chrysanthemum but this time it was a little late, which was a disappointing result. By the way, we cultivated "Space (Sora) Potato", which we also sold. I have not yet eaten it, but it seems to be like a hard yam (by the way I am living in the air (see picture ).Also I got a lot of persimmons this time.Aki was also a treat, It was delicious, I would appreciate your favor.

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