Natural Hot Spring with Mt.Fuji view

Sightseeing information about Natural Hot Spring with Mt.Fuji view in Japan.

Natural Hot Spring with Mt.Fuji view3.0

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Adult: 700 yen
Children below elementary school age: 300 yen
Persons with disability: 300 yen
*Child who is wearing a diaper is not allowed to take a hot spring bath.

Venue: Yu-topia Kannami
Address: 259, Kashiwaya, Kannamicho, Tagatagun, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel: 055-970-0001

Airport/Sta.Kannami station (about 3.4km) Google Transit


4.0a year ago

Tattoo friendly and has 3 baths indoors and 2 outdoors.

1.0a month ago

I do not recommend visiting the place at all if you are not from that town! I travel a lot and been to many places and many countries, but this place need to have a real change in the way they do things!

If you are a foreigner or a Japanese from other cities you should not travel to visit this spa. There are much nicer places and those places don’t discriminate against you. Not recommending this place at all.

Very disappointed! They did not allow us in! They said only the residents of Kannami could enter!

My friends wanted to go there and they have a villa in the mountain within a 15 min. drive from the center! And I was just going to wait in the car for them. We all have covid vaccination and yet if that was their way to reduce covid cases, then their approach is wrong.

My other Japanese friend also went there the day before, and his car plate was from Kanagawa - he was also refused entrance. Also, he is fully vaccinated for covid!

I am disappointed and dissatisfied with such type of service and business. It does not make any sense if their argument for refusal of people outside of their city was to reduce the spread of Covid virus even if the people from outside of their city were fully vaccinated.

👎👎👎👎👎 5 thumbs down for horrible service!

5.07 months ago

Fantastic! Great location!

4.02 years ago

Is very nice place!

5.0a month ago

I felt that it was a hot bath facility loved by local aunts.
It's more for locals than for tourists.
The bathroom was large and spacious, and the dressing room was kept clean.
The parking lot was large and it was easy to park.
I would like to visit again if I have a chance to go nearby.

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