Natural Hot Spring with Mt.Fuji view

Sightseeing information about Natural Hot Spring with Mt.Fuji view in Japan.

Natural Hot Spring with Mt.Fuji view3.0

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Adult: 700 yen
Children below elementary school age: 300 yen
Persons with disability: 300 yen
*Child who is wearing a diaper is not allowed to take a hot spring bath.

Venue: Yu-topia Kannami
Address: 259, Kashiwaya, Kannamicho, Tagatagun, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel: 055-970-0001

Airport/Sta.Kannami station (about 3.4km) Google Transit


4.05 months ago

Tattoo friendly and has 3 baths indoors and 2 outdoors.

5.0a week ago

Fantastic! Great location!

4.0a year ago

Is very nice place!

5.06 months ago

The surroundings are rice fields and the scenery is nice
The bathroom was spacious and comfortable ♨️. There were two best 👌 saunas. Ordinary sauna and cypress sauna were very comfortable.

4.02 months ago

There are two types of saunas
・ Ondol sauna temperature 55 ℃ humidity 60%

Up to 2 people can enter at once to prevent corona
(Normally, a space where four people can sit side by side in a row)

Thanks to the humidity, I sweat well in about 10 minutes even at low temperatures

・ High temperature sauna temperature 99 ℃

Up to 4 people can enter at once to prevent corona
(Normally a space of about 8 people)

The high temperature sauna room has a square shape, so the distance from the heater is short.

There are two seats, but depending on where you sit, you may feel a little cramped to get in and out.

・ Since the sauna room and cold bath are in the bath, you need to walk a little to take a bath in the open air.

・ The water bath is a space that can accommodate two people together, and is adjacent to both sauna rooms.

・ There is one hydration spot near the entrance of the bathroom, and you can only hydrate after wiping off the water from your body.

・ There is a chair waiting for the sauna near the sauna room, so you can sit back and wait for your turn.

・ There were about two chairs for outdoor air bathing in the open-air space, and when I visited, the wind was too strong and it seemed to freeze.

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