Kannami Springs Country Club ・Hotel Kannami

Sightseeing information about Kannami Springs Country Club ・Hotel Kannami in Japan.

Kannami Springs Country Club ・Hotel Kannami3.0

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Hotel Kannami, which is reopened in April 2007, is located in Kannami Town, the entrance of Izu Peninsula in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture.
The hotel features 77 guest rooms including Single, Twin, Maisonette, and Suite.
On a clear day, guests can enjoy the exceptional view of Suruga Bay, Hakone Mountains, and Mt. Fuji.
Also, there is a resort type golf course next to a hotel.

Kannami Springs Country Club Hotel Kannami

Address : 1300-146 Kuwahara, Kannami-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka
Access : 10 mins by taxi from Kannami Station
By Car : about a 30-min drive from Nagaizumi-Numazu IC
TEL. 055-974-1000

*Please check the official website for details.

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5.0a month ago

It's a golf course with a clubhouse and hotel with a resort feeling 🌴. Lockers are also luxurious.
◽ There is a body temperature measuring device before reception
◽ Locker room When you go down the stairs, wooden lockers are lined up. For key-type shoe boxes, open the lid in front of the locker door (unless you close the locker door, it will get caught and will not open (laughs))
◽ There is a practice area (short distance)
◽ Practice green with cup
◽ Cart without self-propelled navigation (it seems that GPS navigation will be added in July)
◽ Course I think there are many large fairways (wild turf). The in course has a blind course, valley crossing, ups and downs, and doglegs.
◽ Green is solid, so it's hard to attach the dipod, so I didn't feel it was so fast.
There are many two-tiered greens
Since the cup is raised, it is easy to pick up the ball even with the flag on.
◽ I had a restaurant hamburger steak, but it was fluffy and delicious.
◽ Bath with partition, shower momentum, the sea can be seen from the bathroom
◽ Others There are table tennis tables, darts, painting auctions, etc., so if you stay overnight you can play (laughs)
It was a good golf course overall. I could see Mt. Fuji 🗻 and the sea and enjoyed the scenery.
This is the golf course I want to go to again.

4.02 months ago

It feels like it was made in the bubble era. There is a lot of distance to the next hole, but the fairway is wide and I enjoyed playing. I was confused because the speed of the green was completely different between IN and OUt. The customer service was polite.

5.03 weeks ago

It is a golf course where you can play while drawing a strategic concept on a course created by taking advantage of the terrain.

5.04 months ago

It is an interesting golf course with 3 short holes, 3 middle holes and 3 long holes. Each is longer. The distance between the halls is also long. So is it impossible to operate the remote control? I think this is a little inconvenient. There is one green. This is quite difficult. I can't read the wave. It would be nice to see Mt. Fuji.

3.0a month ago

In the old days, it was full of vestiges of Bubbly!
It's narrow and the movement between halls is insanely long!
The hot springs are good.

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