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"Tanna Milk" is Shizuoka prefecture's brand milk with 140 year history, made in Tanna Basin.
Tanna Milk is delivered by reliable dairy farmers in the eastern part of Shizuoka, including Tanna area. They have been producing fresh and trustworthy milk which come with a producer's certificate.

*Factory Tour is opened for large party only.
*Tanna Milk and Tanna dairy products can be bought at the souvenir shop in Oratche.

For more details, please see the official website of Tanna Milk.(Japanese only)

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5.07 months ago

I love the yogurt that Tanna Milk drinks. Some other companies do not use fragrances or stabilizers, but when you compare them, you will feel the difference in quality.

Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of stores in Shizuoka City, and even large stores have one face, which is 20 to 30% higher than the major ones, but they are often sold out and cannot be bought.
You can do good because you only use milk from nearby dairy farmers. I think that attitude is also excellent.

5.02 years ago

Speaking of milk in eastern Shizuoka prefecture, Tanna milk. Tanna milk product factory is here. In order to make safe and safe dairy products, we have been improving our know-how cultivated over many years and doing our daily work. Fresh dairy products with good quality are pretty good for batsugun.

4.0a year ago

You can drink delicious milk.

5.04 years ago

Almost every year from Osaka by mini car
I drink soft serve ice cream (dairy kingdom oratche) and coffee milk.
After eating soft ice cream,
Buy vegetables for 100 yen and give them to sheep

Kaze no Tani Beer is also recommended.

5.02 years ago

My favorite milk here is a really delicious bottle of coffee Milk is super favorite ♥

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