Ahigara Forest Park Maruta-no-Mori

Sightseeing information about Ahigara Forest Park Maruta-no-Mori in Japan.

Ahigara Forest Park Maruta-no-Mori (Ashigara Shinrin Koen Maruta no Mori)

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A large park in the middle of the forest in Ashigara area, Kanagawa Prefecture. In the vast area of 23 hectares (56.8acres) in the forest where birds sing, there are nature trails, athletics, a zip line, a camp site, a museum, an old school building and an old house, an observatory, an amphitheater and a barbecue site. Featured among them is the Parcabout, where you can have fun jumping and bouncing around safely and easily using nets of various shapes hung all around the forest.
http://www.k-mask.jp/maruta/index.html (Japanese only)
Parcabout http://parcabout.jp/ (Japanese only)

Purposesports,health,nature,family,autumn foliage
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5.07 months ago

Love it. Really good

4.0a year ago

Nice and great fun for kids, parents and all those want to run and jump suspended in the forest!

4.0in the last week


4.0a month ago

An outdoor experience-type park that takes advantage of the nature of Minamiashigara.
The barbecue facility is spacious and can handle rain, and has toilets and showers, as well as bungalows and tent sites.
You can also use the Uguisu Kaikan, where you can hold large meetings and events.

1.07 months ago

The facility is so old that you don't know where the admission fee is used. Why is there a charge here when the nearby 21st Century Forest is free? A special exhibition is being held at the facility inside, but an admission fee is required to enter here, so it is double-taken. The same applies to facilities where children play.

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