Ashigara Fureai Village

Sightseeing information about Ashigara Fureai Village in Japan.

Ashigara Fureai Village (Kanagawa Kenritsu Ashigara Fureai-no-Mura)

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--- temporary closed until the end of August 2020 ---
An open air educational facility which is located in the midst of rich nature in the woods in Minami-Ashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Facilities including cottages, cook houses, workshops, a buildings for a dining hall, bath rooms and meeting rooms are dotted in the wood. A wide range of programs including walking, hiking, outdoor cooking, blueberries or mandarin oranges picking, sweet potato digging, bird watching, star gazing, and many more activities in the nature.
Wheelchairs accessible.
Phone reservation required (Japanese only)

Purposeexperience,health,nature,kids,family,mountain climbing
Airport/Sta.Daiyuuzan Sta. (about 2.4km) Google Transit


5.03 years ago

I’ve had the privilege of coming to this area for 6 years for various camping trips. It’s beautiful, lots of great hikes, close to Minamiashigara History museum and some fun climbing areas. Lots of cabin options. And places to cook.

1.06 months ago

I used it in the experience. It smells moldy, and there isn't much explanation for the experience, just getting the ingredients. You will also arrange the chairs and desks yourself. The chairs are dirty and you will need to wipe them yourself.

4.0a year ago

I went to the Forest Earth Festival.
We were able to experience the topic of kebabs in a short time, and the local participation type, the shops and the stage were very warm, and there were some experiences that were enjoyed by the family.
There are hot springs and local museums nearby, so it was possible to use it at a reasonable price. More than anything else, I felt comfortable walking slowly in the forest

5.0a year ago

Nature is big!
The staff are also friendly and it is a wonderful facility where you may encounter flying squirrels and hares!
The cottage is clean and very good!
The girl scout halloween camp that we are using, but the cafeteria is a buffet style, so there is no shortage of vegetables, and there is a warm coffee and barley tea in the drink bar.
I look forward to visiting here every year!

5.09 months ago

Facilities for camping beginners and families. There is also a bath!

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