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Hakone Shrine (Hakone Jinja)4.5

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Hakone Shrine is a major shinto shrine which is located on the shore of Lake Ashi-no-ko in Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. This ancient shrine, which is said to be established in 757 A.D., three major gods of Hakone Mountains i.e. Ninigi-no-mikoto, Konohanasakuya-hime and Hikohohodemi-no-mikoto. It is famous as a spiritual energy site and people belive that you attract good luck with money, love, competition, safe delivery and general luck visiting the shrine and the Kuzuryu(Nine-headed Dragon)-jinja Shrine which stands next to it.
On board a sightseeing boat on the lake, you can view the lakefront Torii gate of the shrine with Mt.Fuji in the background. Another gate of the shrine, which stands over the main street with Mt. Koma-ga-take in the background, is famous for the runners of the Hakone Ekiden (the Tokyo-Hakone Round Trip College Ekiden-relay Race) go through.

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5.02 months ago

This shrine is stunning. It's an easy walk from the ship landing through the town and up the street to the shrine and once you are there, you'll know because the entrance can't be missed. It's a gorgeous walk past some very ancient trees and up some stairs to the main shrine area.

The tori gate on the water is a photo opportunity none missed and there was a long line to have a photo taken there.

4.04 months ago

Very beautiful place. I recommend getting there at sunrise if you’re looking for that perfect photo. It gets very congested and people waiting in line don’t give you room or time for photos. Good food vendors, prices are decent.

5.02 months ago

Beautiful! The Tori gate by the water is beautiful and unlike anything I've ever seen in a shrine. Absolutely stunning. Can go for a nice stroll around the lake. Walk to the top of the shrine isn't too bad either.

5.04 months ago

On of the most beautiful floating shrine in Japan. If you are going around the Hakone, this place is must visit. The place is not really good with photo taking, It’s will look better from the villages nearby. There are a lot of parking-spot inside there shrine.

4.03 months ago

Nice place even though a bit far. To take a pic of the half submerged red Tori gates, please be prepared to queue as there were easily 30 persons in the queue when we were there during the day. As usual lots of stairs climbing to go to the temple.

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