Shimoda Park / Shiroyama Park

Sightseeing information about Shimoda Park / Shiroyama Park in Japan.

Shimoda Park / Shiroyama Park (Shimoda Koen / Shiroyama Koen)3.9

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Shimoda Park, aka Shiroyama Park (Castle Mountain Park), is situated in the ruins of Shimoda Castle aka Ujima Castle in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefectiure, where is the southernmost point of Izu Peninsula. It is a nature park where azaleas are in full bloom in spring, hydrangeas in early summer and camellias in winter. Located on a small hill which overlooks Shimoda Port, the park offers a great view. Among the woods there are a few historical spots including the monument to the opening of Japan-U.S. diplomatic relations, and the monument in honor of Shimooka Renjo, a pioneer photographer of Japan.
The hydrangeas in the park, which consist the largest hydrangea colony in Japan, starts blooming in end May and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the flowers until early July. The best time to see them is mid June when the entire hill is filled with 100 species, 150,000 plants and 3 million flowers of hydrangea and it offers a breathtaking scenery of the flowers against the background of the ocean. The Shimoda Hydrangea Festival (Shimoda Ajisai Matsuri) is held annually from June 1st to June 30th. (Japanese)

Arrive by Rail: JR Ito Station (Izu Express Line) → Izukyu Shimoda Station → 25 minutes on foot, or by bus to Shimoda Park
Arrive by Car: Numazu I.C → (about 65km / via Amagi Pass) → Kawazu → (via Shirahama) → Shimoda Park
  Atsugi I.C →(77km/via Atami) → Ito →(about 48km/via Kawazu) → Shimoda Park

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Airport/Sta.Izukyu Shimoda Sta. (about 1.3km) Google Transit


5.09 months ago

A great park to explore with many paths to chose from. A great view of Shimoda from the top. Would love to return one day and explore more !

5.03 months ago

You can enjoy hygrangea flower during the whole June.

4.0a year ago

Nice cozy town. But a little shabby at the end, the tourist seem to be not many

4.02 years ago

Nice park to walk through during the summer with many view points but would probably be best in the spring when the hydrangeas are in full bloom. There are several bathrooms in this park which comes with free wifi.

5.02 years ago

Nice, serene place. It's a good place to walk in the park!

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