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Shoju-in Temple is located in Uji-tawara, Kyoto, one of the largest producers of Uji tea.
The temple houses a statue of the Fudo Myoo(Acala) by a sculptor, Kaikei(1183-1223), which is an important cultural property.

The temple is known for its heart-shaped window called Inome window in the reception hall. This heart shape is actually a traditional pattern closely related to Buddhism, and is said to be effective in warding off evil and fire. Lots of people, especially women, visit this temple to pray for good luck and happiness.
Through the window, you can feel the change of color depending on the four seasons, such as cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery, and you can feel the change of everything.

There are about 160 ceiling paintings of flowers and Japanese landscape on the ceiling of the hall.

In summer, over 2,000 wind chimes fill the shrine grounds for the "Wind Bell Festival".
It is truly a magnificent sight to see the wind chimes ringing against the backdrop of tea plantations, mountains and the sky.
Various seasonal events are also held, such as rosary beads making, Buddhist sutra, yoga and tea ceremony with a view of the garden, etc.

Address : 149 Kawakami Okuyamada, Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto
Opening hours :
April - October 8:30~16:30
November - March 8:30~16:00
Fee : 600 yen (including green tea and Japanese sweets)
Access : Take bus from JR Uji Station (25 mins), get off at “Ichumae” stop then take another bus “Community Bus”, get off at “Okuyamada” stop and walk 10 mins.
By Car : about 30 mins from Uji-nishi Interchange on Keiji bypass

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4.0a year ago

It’s made for the tourists but it’s a cute little place. Recommended to lovers, or course 🥰

5.04 years ago

Something you will cannot experience in popular temples in Kyoto city.
Very accommodating people and the place was peaceful. We went this place as it was recommended by a local friend and we wanted to see the heart-shaped window. The window was pretty but we did enjoy other parts of our visit. The pretty entrance ticket to tea and small candies; the monk gave the visitors the brief explanation of history of as well.
On the way to the temple was nice too. You will enjoy the nature/mountains!

5.02 years ago

A little hard to reach by public transportation, but a very quiet and cozy place. They have a festival from July to September, during which time it gets crowded. You also get a string charm if you come on the 8th, 18th, or 28th.

5.02 years ago

I love 3000 times

5.0a year ago

scenery and interior are elaborate

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