Old Samurai Road, Hiyodori Slope

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Old Samurai Road, Hiyodori Slope (Samurai no Komichi, Hiyodori-zaka)3.3

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Right next to the Samurai Houses area in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, there is an old lane in a beautiful bamboo forest. The Samurai no Komichi (Old Samurai Road), aka Hiyodori-zaka (Brown-eared bulbul Slope), has hardly changed since the Edo Period, when samurai members commuted the sloped-lane between their residences and the Sakura-jo Castle. The gently turning slope, which is about 160 meters (175 yards) long, is well maintained and is efficiently arranged with various bamboo fences including Yotsume-gaki, Misu-gaki and Teppo-gaki fences, and it makes you feel that the you might run into one of the feudal warriors at any time. Sakura City offers guided tours including "Samurai Dress-up Walk" or "Kimono Walk" where you can walk around the castle town in kimono or samurai costumes, visiting the slope, samurai residences and Makata-jinja Shrine etc.
Arrive by train : About 20 min walk from Keisei Sakura Station
   or About 15 min walk from JR Sakura Station
Arrive by car: About 20 min from Sakura IC on the East Kanto Expressway (Higashi Kanto Jidosha-do)
https://www.sakurashi-kankou.or.jp/facility/hiyodori/ (Japanese)

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Airport/Sta.Keisei-Sakura sta. (about 1.2km) Google Transit


4.0a year ago

this place on the course to narita airport from tokyo. but i think naritasan is better than sakura.

3.0a year ago

Is this free? Or there is an entrance fee?

5.0a year ago

Nice Old Samurai Route

5.0a year ago

Pretty walk

5.0a month ago

It's hard to reach, but it's a nice place with a taste.

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