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Oyama Senmaida Terraced Rice Fields is located in the long and narrow Nagasa Plain at the foot of Mt. Oyama, to the west of the city of Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture. There are 375 rice paddies in step-like terraces on a slope that covers an area of 4 hectares (10 acres) with a width of 600 meters (1,969 feet) east-west, at an altitude of 90 to 150 meters (295 to 492 feet). These rice terraces were formed and preserved because this hilly area was left behind from the readjustment of arable land. It is known as the terraced rice field closest to Tokyo and is the only rain-fed rice field in Japan. Here you can view the splendid rural scenery which is chosen as one of Japan's 100 Best Rice Terraces. The Night Festival are held from mid-October to early January and the fields are lit by 100,000 LED candles.
Transportation: 20 minutes by bus from JR Awa Kamogawa Station to Kamanuma (aka Oyama Senmaida Iriguchi) bus stop and a 20-minute walk from there
Bus Time Table (Japanese)
Time table PDF as of October 2019 (Japanese)
鴨川駅東口 = Kamogawa Station East Exit
釜沼(大山千枚田)= Kamanuma (Oyama Senmaida)

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4.02 months ago

The rice terraces, surrounded by hills and forests create a gorgeous landscape. The terraces are not as big as you can find on other places in Asia, but they are groomed like a movie set and the nature around is stunning. The place has an east and west valley. Make sure to go all the way up to watch the sunset over the terraces on the west side. Also, try to go in different seasons if you can. In spring, the terraces are inundated, and the rice plants are still small, so you’ll see nice water reflections all around. In summer, when the rice is at its best, you’ll see a gorgeous uniform green in the terraces.

5.04 months ago

It is very beautiful to see. Make sure you go when the rice is planted for the full affect. Also, be sure to go ALL the way up to the top. You get a better view. You can get some really great picture!

3.03 months ago

Nice with the rice just coming up. Check the little white signs in the fields, owned and farmed by various people. Bit out of the way to find but very nice.

5.010 months ago

Rare visual experience that will stay with you for a long time.

5.0a week ago

_____Oyama Senmaida rice terrace 🍚🍚🍚 view is spectacular....... _____

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