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This tower has been an iconic landmark of Osaka since its construction in 1912. The design was inspired by the Arch of Triumph and the Eiffel Tower, for Paris was the model for this area's urban planning. It was the highest structure in the East at that time, standing at 64m. The current 103m-high tower was erected in 1956.

On the fifth floor of the observatory sits a statue of the tower's mascot Billiken. This elf-like creature with a naughty smile is a god of prosperity that is believed to endow a good fortune if you rub the soles of his feet. Nearly a million people visit here annually for good views of Osaka.

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4.0in the last week

It is well worth a visit, the view is pretty good!

There is not a great deal to do up there but it is nice to tick off the list and get some nice shots of the tower from afar!

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4.02 months ago

Like Blackpool Tower only cool and Japanese. Great at night as one of the floors is lit up in 80’s lights with music. The fixtures around the building are so retro (like the elevator) and there’s an amazing diorama of Osaka. Well worth the entrance fee. Great view, too!

4.02 months ago

Nice place to go to get an overview of the city. I went there on a late afternoon and it was really nice with the sunset. There's a few store inside to buy souvenirs and also a museum telling the story of the tower. There might be a little wait time to get to the top but with all the things going on around, time goes by fast.

3.03 weeks ago

One of the sights of Osaka, the tower is much smaller than you expect. After 5:30 you are not allowed to go to the top floor (Skywalk) which means you can only take photos through the glass window. I also find it a bit strange that they turned the 3rd highest floor into a disco with blasting music and light spots everywhere. Nonetheless nice to look at during night, I haven’t seen it during the day but it might be disappointing.

3.02 months ago

Main attraction is billiken and its monkey performance before going to the top floor. If those two does not attract you then it's probably not worth your time and money. The view of the tower from below during nightfall is quite eye catching tho

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You can go up to the observatory by using the coupon. There is a fantastic shopping mall near by.

You can go up to the observatory by using the coupon. There is a fantastic shopping mall near by.

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