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Tsutenkaku Tower4.3

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This tower has been an iconic landmark of Osaka since its construction in 1912. The design was inspired by the Arch of Triumph and the Eiffel Tower, for Paris was the model for this area's urban planning. It was the highest structure in the East at that time, standing at 64m. The current 103m-high tower was erected in 1956.

On the fifth floor of the observatory sits a statue of the tower's mascot Billiken. This elf-like creature with a naughty smile is a god of prosperity that is believed to endow a good fortune if you rub the soles of his feet. Nearly a million people visit here annually for good views of Osaka.

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4.02 months ago

This is a tourist trap..........I say this in the most positive way I can. I actually enjoyed the experience here. As with practically all other tourist places in Osaka, there is very little English and there are lots of things to purchase. This is a pretty cool place to take either the kids or your grandmother and grandfather. I would recommend this as a really easy place to go that is pretty interesting. There are also a ton of uniquely Japanese stores at the base of the tower.

4.02 months ago

This was okay but the view offered from the top at night wasn’t the clearest. Why? Because they have very bright lights and flashing lights within the building so they reflect onto the glass.
It’s a fun experience as there’s one floor where they play disco music and it is quite a psychedelic Japanese experience. Will I go back? Probably not. The neighbourhood surrounding the tower is quite fun and looks great at night.

3.0in the last week

Another landmark in Osaka city. It’s just a tower that seen in many movies. I suggest that if have the tourist pass you can climb to the top for free, otherwise don’t bother buy tickets to go up. It looks better from the street outside.

5.0a month ago

Nice hip area, with lots of local food and desserts. Very trendy area lots of young people as well. The tower itself is nice to go up and see the view

5.0a month ago

Interesting retro area in Osaka. Lots of restaurants with cheap drinks and kushikatsu (deep fried skewers) in the area. If you're lucky you might meet some interesting characters.

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You can go up to the observatory by using the coupon. There is a fantastic shopping mall near by.

You can go up to the observatory by using the coupon. There is a fantastic shopping mall near by.

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