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This tower has been an iconic landmark of Osaka since its construction in 1912. The design was inspired by the Arch of Triumph and the Eiffel Tower, for Paris was the model for this area's urban planning. It was the highest structure in the East at that time, standing at 64m. The current 103m-high tower was erected in 1956.

On the fifth floor of the observatory sits a statue of the tower's mascot Billiken. This elf-like creature with a naughty smile is a god of prosperity that is believed to endow a good fortune if you rub the soles of his feet. Nearly a million people visit here annually for good views of Osaka.

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5.08 months ago

Tower in Osaka near a bunch of food and shops. Amazing views of all of Osaka, able to see water from it. Very cool experience only about $10 usd to go inside and go to the top platform of the tower. Line and wait does not take that long. Highly recommend if you are into views and want an full view of Osaka. Good to see during sunset! Souvenir store also in the tower with lots of cool stuff.

4.07 months ago

Tsutenkaku is Osaka's observatory tower. It has beautiful 360 view of the area and you scan see quite far. Its attempts to keep up with modern trends are tongue in cheek and self aware. You'll understand the moment you are in the elevator going up. The 5th floor is great, but the 4th has the telescopes and music is playing. There are also lights and disco balls...kinda wish I came here at night.

4.02 weeks ago

Well known landmark of Osaka. It is located in the Shinsekai, an area which is easy to reach both Namba and Shinsaibashi. Its total height is 103meters. Recommend taking a photo at least, but also climbing up the tower. tickets to go up are 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for children five years or older. You can go up to the observatory deck by using the elevator. That is fairly enough to get a decent view of Osaka but you can also pay an extra 500 yen, to go up to the open-air observatory deck, Tenbo Paradise.
There is a Billiken statue located on the observatory deck and if you touch his feet, you will get his share of good luck.?The tower is also famous for its neon lights so it’s worth stoping by at night time too.

4.06 months ago

One of the 20 towers of Japan and some interesting history around this tower. It also has a bunch of spirits at the top and a party floor. The area around the tower is also lots of fun.

5.0a week ago

Very proud sign of Osaka!
You can see it anywhere from far away.

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You can go up to the observatory by using the coupon. There is a fantastic shopping mall near by.

You can go up to the observatory by using the coupon. There is a fantastic shopping mall near by.

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