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Caretta Shiodome is a dining, shopping and entertainment complex that occupies 7 floors of Dentsu Building. It is recommended to enjoy a performance at Dentsu Shiki Theater SEA on the ground floor and head up to the 46th and 47th floors for an elegant selection of restaurants. These two floors offer great views of the west side of Tokyo including the Rainbow Bridge and Hamariryu (Detached Palace) as well as the distant Boso Peninsula across the bay. The illumination during the year-end season is very popular.

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4.05 months ago

Restaurants: ¥¥ ~¥¥¥¥
There are some places like Subway that are super affordable and then more upscale places as well.

Atmosphere: Peaceful
Overall it’s a nice place for an outing and you can walk to nearby parks from the station.

Transportation: Subway and Monorail
The Monorail cost more but gives you a lovely view of Tokyo. Please avoid morning rush hour if possible.

Great place to take photos.

5.0a month ago

The view is amazing when the weather is nice. The food is very inexpensive for it's location

5.0a month ago

Free access to the amazing view on the 46th floor :)
(And restaurants there if you want to eat with a view)

2.03 weeks ago

Big complex. Hard to navigate. Confusing. Some excellent restaurants.

4.03 months ago

Home to some nice restaurants, especially on 46-47 floor. Recommended for dinner, especially on a clear night, you can see a very beautiful view of Tokyo bay.

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