Remains of Edo Castle Tenshudai Donjon Base

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Remains of Edo Castle Tenshudai Donjon Base (Edo-jo Tenshu-dai)3.2

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Tenshu (Donjon) of Edo Castle was located in the north part of the current East Garden of the Imperial Palace, right before the Kita-hanebashi Gate. Completed in 1607, it is said that a five-tiered castle tower with golden orcas towered over 44m square and 18m high masonry. It was destroyed by the large fire in 1657, and now only the donjon base remains.

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5.05 months ago

Mostly ruins, parts reconstructed after World War II. Site today of Tokyo Imperial Palace, most materials you can find here are granite stone, earthwork, and wood. The tenshu (keep) was destroyed by fire in 1657, most of the rest was destroyed by another major fire on 5 May 1873. In use as Tokyo Imperial Palace.

5.04 months ago

Nice to have a walk there

5.09 months ago

It's really cool and historic here the views really grades you can get some good pictures here it's also just a nice place to walk around. It is worth checking out if you are in the area 10 out of 10 would recommend

5.0a month ago

Great place to visit...

4.02 months ago

Tokio is great

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