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Kamogawa Sea World is a large aquarium on the east coast of Boso Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture, which is a 2-hour trip from Tokyo Station by express buses or JR trains. Main attractions of the aquarium are live performances by sea animals including killer whales (orcas), dolphins, belugas whales and sea lions. They have succeeded in breeding killer whales and sea turtles along with fishes, and the killer whales of the park is a family. The large indoor tank simulating a coral reef in a tropical sea (The Tropical Island) is also a must-see. The official hotel is located next to the site and has a direct access to the park.

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4.0a week ago

Come early and a half a full day of fun. After the park is closed, enjoy the beach next door.

4.02 weeks ago

It's way smaller compared to the ones in US, but no lines, chill atmosphere, few people.
Tickets is reasonable with 3000 yen for adult.
Good stuff, recommending

(might have been fairly empty cause went in a weekday during corona season)

4.02 months ago

I am not sure what sea life are now on display or performing in the shows since it has been a few years since we visited Kamogawa Sea World. When we did, everyone enjoyed the circus acts by the sea lions and dolphins. There was also quite a lot of educational information on marine life as well.

4.05 months ago

Good place and good view. My family love this place but it a bit too far from Tokyo

1.04 months ago

Empty the tanks.
Poor creatures being made to perform to make money.
This is not conservation, it is exploitation.
Orca and dolphins swim miles every day in the wild. These creatures have been captured for your amusement.
Every $ spent is a a vote for what you are willing to accept.

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