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Chidorigafuchi Ryokudo is a 700m path that follows a western section of the Imperial Palace moat. This is one of the most well-known spots in Tokyo to view cherry blossoms, with 260 cherry trees bursting into full bloom all over the moat in the spring. Visitors will walk through a tunnel of overhanging blossoms, with moat water reflecting colors in night illumination.

The best season might be the time of cherry blossom viewing, but this walkway combines with surrounding moats and gates of the Imperial Palace and the Budokan to produce amazing scenery throughout the year. There is a lot of greenery along the path and a pier for paddle boats in the middle. You will have a laid-back feeling, stepping away from a tumult of the city.

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4.03 months ago

The cherry blossom season is very beautiful. At night, the illuminated cherry blossoms appear on the surface of the water, creating a fantastic landscape.

This year, the light up has been canceled. I'm sad.

5.0a week ago

Beautiful place.. especially when there are cherry blossoms

5.03 months ago

This place is wonderful in any season, well summer to hot and winter cold but

Spring for the cherry blossoms and taking a boat ride which is cheap I must say it's and very romantic

4.04 months ago

It’s good but temporarily the business has shut down

5.0a year ago

This is my first trip to Tokyo. My sweetie had to go there on business, but we had plenty of time to spend together and enjoy outings. I was scared at first. What if I show myself to be a complete moron? This Latina loves learning about different cultures, and I’m open to discovering the unknown, but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone or appear too crass. My sweetie is part Japanese (mom), part Canadian (dad), born in North Carolina, and raised in Central London, with dual citizenship. (I know — it was hard for me to keep up too.) He told me not to worry. He was right. The people were wonderful, so welcoming and friendly. Tokyo is gorgeous. The best part? Chidorigafuchi.

I couldn’t tear my eyes from my surroundings. The cherry blossoms are absolutely eye-catching! Instagram doesn’t do it justice, no matter how well the pics are formatted. I was worried the blossoms wouldn’t be out so early in April, but there were areas where they had completely sprouted. It was so beautiful. The whole experience... I'd only traveled to Europe prior to this, but I look forward to going to Japan again. I also look forward to visiting other Asian countries. I will never forget such a wonderful experience! Downsides? It was crowded. But hey, that's tourism for you. At least we went early, at the break of dawn, and the park was almost empty for a while. I am in love with Tokyo, and I can't wait to go back!

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You should go. End of march.

You should go.
End of march.

VisitedApr 2016

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I can guide this beautiful place!!

I can guide this beautiful place!!

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