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Chidorigafuchi Ryokudo is a 700m path that follows a western section of the Imperial Palace moat. This is one of the most well-known spots in Tokyo to view cherry blossoms, with 260 cherry trees bursting into full bloom all over the moat in the spring. Visitors will walk through a tunnel of overhanging blossoms, with moat water reflecting colors in night illumination.

The best season might be the time of cherry blossom viewing, but this walkway combines with surrounding moats and gates of the Imperial Palace and the Budokan to produce amazing scenery throughout the year. There is a lot of greenery along the path and a pier for paddle boats in the middle. You will have a laid-back feeling, stepping away from a tumult of the city.

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4.0a month ago

千鳥之淵 is a famous moat of Tokyo Imperial Palace. Every time in Sakura season (about from late March to early April), there will be painted beautiful pink color with bloomed sakura trees. Lot of people will visit here and stroll along 千鳥之淵. However, there are always full of people, maybe it is not strolling but PUSHING with other guys.

I recommend people visit here in two time points:
1. Early in the morning: Without plenty people, you can enjoy such beautiful world and take nice picture.

2. In the evening: The nightlight activity brings you a different feeling with the 千鳥之淵. The moat will also be dyed with various color of lights. You can row a boat to get a romantic time.

4.0in the last week

A beautiful place for Cherry Blossom (Sakura) viewing. Being a popular attraction, it is quite crowded. However the view is something not to be missed

4.02 months ago

For a small fee, you can rent a paddle or cycling boat and explore the moat around the imperial Palace for 30min- up to 1 hour.

This was lovely in November, but I think it would be best to do this in the spring when the multiple sakura (cherry blossom trees) have bloomed.

The path you can travel isn't too large, but it's a nice romantic experience or way to experience another view of the city.

5.04 weeks ago

We were here in late April 2018 and were absolutely blown away by the beauty of these beautiful sakuras. There will literally millions of people around, mostly Japanese enjoying their Hanami. It is a beautiful park lined with thousands of cherry trees. It is definitely one of my fav places in Tokyo for Cherry Blossoms.

5.04 months ago

It is a very nice place to see during cherry blossom. The boating, garden and walking path are also worth watching. It is very close to the Indian embassy. There is also a Ramakrishna Ashram here.

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You should go. End of march.

You should go.
End of march.

VisitedApr 2016

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I can guide this beautiful place!!

I can guide this beautiful place!!

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