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Osaka Museum of History4.0

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The Osaka Museum of History is located just across the street from Osaka Castle. The exhibits spread over 4 floors at the top of a 13-story building, and you can get excellent views of Osaka Caslte.

Visitors first take the elevator to the top floor and then follow the route down, from a display of Naniwa Palace when Osaka was Japan's first capital in the 7th century, to exhibits on the city's shopping arcades in the early 20th century. The exhibits are visually arranged dioramas. Make sure to get the audio guide as English explanation is sparse.

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5.0in the last week

A good place to learn the history of Osaka in different period of time. Short films and models are used to illustrate how the city changed over times. The museum itself has a modern architecture design, and you can have a nice view of the Osaka Castle when you're going down the escalator.

I travelled to the museum right after the visit of the Osaka Castle, and this gave me a full picture about how the city was changing.

3.02 months ago

Disappointing. I thought it was going to be something better than it was. I was expecting a museum with artifacts from throughout history. Instead you'll see is miniature towns built to show you how the city looked over different periods, short films, replicas ( they're not even of something terribly interesting), and broken pottery. Beautiful building with a nice view of Osaka Castle when you're going down the escalator. Other than that it was a waste of money and time

5.04 months ago

I loved learning about the history of Japan in this over 7 floor museum. Each floor spoke about a different time and era of Japan and it felt like you were actually travelling through time as you made your way down each level. I especially loved the small models they had of the imperial palaces as well as the old towns and houses which depicted how the people used to live. Some of the artworks and clothing and artifacts were also preserved from at least a hundred years ago. If you love learning about Japanese history this is a fantastic place to go to. I had an amazing start to the day at the museum before making my way to the Osaka castle.

4.04 months ago

A very interesting exhibition on the history of Osaka was in the main floor and is attached to a gorgeous example of Euro-Japanese architecture. A fairly substantial number of good quality restaurants also exist within the building and easy walking distance.

4.05 months ago

Worth a visit. The overall experience from entering to leaving the space was fantastic. Exhibitions were interesting and the museum provide a good view of the Osaka Castle.

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