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The Osaka Museum of History is located just across the street from Osaka Castle. The exhibits spread over 4 floors at the top of a 13-story building, and you can get excellent views of Osaka Caslte.

Visitors first take the elevator to the top floor and then follow the route down, from a display of Naniwa Palace when Osaka was Japan's first capital in the 7th century, to exhibits on the city's shopping arcades in the early 20th century. The exhibits are visually arranged dioramas. Make sure to get the audio guide as English explanation is sparse.

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5.02 weeks ago

The museum was a wonderful experience. Audio guide is better than usually. You make take photos. Staff is really helpful. You can spend hours here.

3.0a month ago

The museum is very well thought out. The issue is that there aren't a lot of exhibits. However the exhibits they do have are veryb
well done. You should go and see this if you want to see a very thoughtful museum.

3.0a month ago

It feels incomplete as a city museum, almost like they're holding back information from you. I suppose I had the expectation to walk away with some fun and interesting facts about Osaka and didn't really see anything. The view of the castle from each floor is great though.

4.0in the last week

Do you like models? Boy, is this the museum for you. I loved all of the displays of old versions of the city.

5.03 weeks ago

Very well thought & organized layout for a museum. Interesting activities also to keep young and old occupied!

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