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The Osaka Museum of History is located just across the street from Osaka Castle. The exhibits spread over 4 floors at the top of a 13-story building, and you can get excellent views of Osaka Caslte.

Visitors first take the elevator to the top floor and then follow the route down, from a display of Naniwa Palace when Osaka was Japan's first capital in the 7th century, to exhibits on the city's shopping arcades in the early 20th century. The exhibits are visually arranged dioramas. Make sure to get the audio guide as English explanation is sparse.

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5.0a month ago

The museum showcases the life of Japanese from ancient to modern times. The setup of the village. The introduction of railway system. The entertainment district. The economy and the industry. The thing that imprint in my mind is the tools used for metal fabrication in Japan during 1900. In the Philippines we still used today, particularly in the Rural area.

5.03 weeks ago

Great place to understand Japanese history and local culture. They have little stamp books you can go through as you complete each exhibit. Quite fun and interactive for people of all ages!

Note: Visited prior to Covid, so things may be different.

5.05 months ago

Amazing museum.

5.02 months ago

A huge culture museum lead you through Osaka history from prehistoric time to modern Japan, takes least entire afternoon if you want to view thoroughly.

5.05 months ago

I enjoyed every moment here :))). The museum is big and there's a lot of stuff you could watch and learn. They even have games for children to enjoy like puzzles and Japanese traditional game that I forgot the name of it. The employees are super nice too, it was ashamed that I didn't have much time to talk with them

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