Kappabashi Street

Sightseeing information about Kappabashi Street in Japan.

Kappabashi Street4.0

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This street located 15 minutes on foot from Kaminari-mon Gate in Asakusa is packed with all manner of kitchen gadgets both for professional and amateur chefs. The 800m-long arcade has about 170 stores that sell tableware, pots, confectionary making machines, food materials and all. You will definitely come across a favorite for your long-term use. Check out plastic food samples that look amazingly real to stimulate your appetite.

The origin of the street name goes back to an old practice that raincoats (kappa) were once hung over the bridge (bashi) to dry out. There is also a legend that a merchant had a prosperous business after catching glimpses of a legendary creature 'kappa' in the river. You will find a number of kappa statues along this street.

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4.0a month ago

Excellent place to get all kitchen and bakery needs . Takes half a day to walk up and down the whole street . If you have specific item to purchase, recommend you to compare prices across a few store. As prices here varies significantly store to store. You virtually could purchase an entire restaurant furnishings from kitchen assets to sign board here. As many store specialise in restaurant equipment. More popular items for tourists is the kitchen knife selection, food replica and pottery/China here.
For those who enjoy cooking and baking, this is the place for you. Just hope you have enough baggage space to bring it all back.

4.0in the last week

Fun place to explore. Better place if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Best to research before going if you have items in mind. There’s lots of cool areas near by to explore too

5.02 months ago

If you are ever in need of any culinary equipment, think no more. Just go to Kappabashi street. Better to arrive at the bottom or top of the street and ask for a map of the area at the first shop you arrive in and just walk your way up or down depending on your needs. It's easy to forget the time and spend the entire day there ...

4.0a week ago

Wide range of home and commercial kitchen wares. Some great niche coffee equipment stores. Would recommend a visit!

5.02 months ago

This street has everything you could possibly need for kitchen or restaurant. The selection and quality of knives is amazing. There are so many fun things to buy here I needed an extra suitcase.

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