Kappabashi Street

Sightseeing information about Kappabashi Street in Japan.

Kappabashi Street4.0

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This street located 15 minutes on foot from Kaminari-mon Gate in Asakusa is packed with all manner of kitchen gadgets both for professional and amateur chefs. The 800m-long arcade has about 170 stores that sell tableware, pots, confectionary making machines, food materials and all. You will definitely come across a favorite for your long-term use. Check out plastic food samples that look amazingly real to stimulate your appetite.

The origin of the street name goes back to an old practice that raincoats (kappa) were once hung over the bridge (bashi) to dry out. There is also a legend that a merchant had a prosperous business after catching glimpses of a legendary creature 'kappa' in the river. You will find a number of kappa statues along this street.

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4.0a month ago

If you like cooking or just solely love to have a nice Kitchenware, this is the place not to miss. There are many shops that can offer you a lot of nice things in kitchen, cooking utensils, cutlery and of course world class food model/props, which is so real.
If you want to start a restaurant business I think this is a must go place. There are everything including the uniform for chef to busboys/girls.

5.0in the last week

Feel the old Japan here while you shop for authentic Japanese earthen ware. This place is for creative souls who loves to cook & serve. While you walk you will also get to feel the soul of old Tokyo which is not present in main central Tokyo. Most shops close by 5 pm and The Tokyo Skytree and The Famous Sensoji temple is very close by. Explore !!

4.0a month ago

A great place to wander around if you’re at all interested in cooking/tableware! There’s a nice variety of shops. (It seemed like a decent number of shops had staff that spoke a bit of English if that’s a concern for you.) The kappa imagery is fun, and there’s a great view of Skytree from the side streets.

5.0a month ago

Have everything you need to stock up your kitchen. Dont have to buy a lot of things (as luggage space is limited) to enjoy the area. Window shopping there is just as fun!

5.0a week ago

Love it! Good place to find a good kitchen knife or simple kitchen products. Bought some good tea spoons made in Japan = good quality. Fake plastic food is very expensive I just bought a yakitori and sushi keychain.

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